Student Activities

Get Involved!

Getting and staying involved while in college can be one of the best choices you make as a student.

Being involved encourages and advances your development on all levels: intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and social. Meet people and make friends with those who have similar interests, feel more connected to the college, and gain skills necessary for success during and after college. Presentation College proudly offers a variety of student activities that strengthen the body, mind, and spirit including campus clubs and organizations, intramural programs, student athletic and recreational activities, and other student activities.

Intramural Programs

Presentation College offers an intramural sports program which enhances student life by offering a range of activities designed to meet the needs of the campus.

Intramural sports provide a great opportunity to compete, exercise, and meet new people. They promote teamwork and mutual respect while assisting in the fulfillment of such basic human needs as relaxation, socialization, achievement, and physical wellness. It is the goal of the Intramural Sports Program to provide the Presentation College community the opportunity to participate in recreational activities which emphasize a fun, friendly, and safe environment. With the new winter dome, Presentation College will be able to take their intramural program to next level, offering a broad range of events through the winter months.


Sportsmanship is a critical aspect of the intramural sports program at Presentation College.

While we emphasize the recreational facet of intramural sports, we realize our programs also bring out a competitive nature. Our main goal is provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all involved.

We expect you, as a player, to behave in an appropriate manner before, during and after competitions. The intramural staff will decide when to warn, penalize or eject you or your team for poor sportsmanship. The decisions made by the intramural staff will be final.

Components of Sportsmanship
  • Respect is demonstrated throughout all competitions for opponents as well as the facilities and equipment.
  • Team captains keep control of their team and spectators.
  • Captains and players converse realistically and reasonably with officials and staff about calls made
  • Participants will refrain from using abusive language, threatening behavior or physical contact directed at an official or opposing player and/or team.
  • Team members participate in the spirit and intent of the game rules and policies.
  • Participants cooperate by responding to requests for information needed from intramural officials or staff.
  • Participants accept judgment calls and/or decisions made by officials during a game.

Campus Clubs

  • Biology Club
  • Campus Activities Board
  • Campus Ministry Club
  • Community Advisors
  • Orientation Leader Advisory Board
  • PC Exercise Science Club
  • PC Nursing Student Association
  • Phi Beta Lambda
  • Psychology Club
  • Radiologic Technology Club
  • Rugby
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Government Association