What is HEOA?


HEOA Copyright and Peer to Peer File Sharing Requirements

Procedures for Handling Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material

This page outlines Presentation College’s plan to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) relating to digital copyright infringement and P2P File Sharing by users of the institution’s network.

Technology-based Deterrents
  • Presentation College deploys bandwidth management devices at the campus network border(firewall).
  • Presentation College rate limits common Peer to Peer protocols and applications to limit the impact these aggressive protocols have on the performance of the campus network. Our vendor provides regular update patches as new applications/protocols become known.
Community Education and Annual Disclosure
  •  Presentation College’s primary education emphasis occurs at annual orientation sessions for students, faculty and staff.
  • Presentation College distributes annually an email to all network users.
Procedures for Handling Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material
  • When Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations are received, technology forwards complaint to Student Services for notification.
  • Students lose access to the network until they pay an administrative fee of $50 and review online materials covering copyright rules. Students must pass an online assessment quiz with a 100% score before access is returned.
  • Penalties for repeat offenders include loss of network access for a full semester, an administrative fee of $100and the possibility of suspension for an academic semester and/or eviction from the residential suites.
Periodic Review of Plan and Assessment Criteria
  • The number and severity of alleged Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations are reviewed annually by the Director of Technology, Vice President for Academics and the Vice President of Student Services to determine if changes in discipline procedures, policies/plan or educational materials are needed.
  • Technical deterrents are reviewed annually by the technology department staff under the direction of the Director of Technology to determine if the technical deterrents remain effective in limiting Peer to Peer and undesirable traffic.
  •  New technology that becomes available is reviewed periodically for deployment by Presentation College’s technology staff.
Offering Alternatives to Illegal File Sharing