Covid-19 Campus News

COVID-19 Safeguarding Strategies:
  • Campus Buildings remain closed to the public. Access is limited to students, staff, and faculty.
  • All students and employees continue to wear masks on campus and in all public places.
  • Students, faculty, and staff have their temperatures taken daily. No-touch thermometers are being used in residence halls and in campus buildings. Athletes have daily temperature checks throughout the season.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at temperature check stations at the entrance to every campus building.
  • Event size has been limited in all campus spaces to comply with CDC guidelines for indoor and outdoor gatherings.
  • Classrooms, labs, the dining hall, the library, and other gathering spaces have been measured, rearranged, and marked for COVID capacity and seating in adherence to CDC social distancing guidelines. Signs have been posted on all doors indicating COVID capacity. When classrooms have more than one door, separate doors are designated as Entrance and Exit.
  • Class meetings have been modified to stagger in-person attendance in compliance with social distancing guidelines. There are opportunities in specified classes for students to join remotely.
  • All faculty have been issued face shields.
  • All students must wipe down their desks and seats when leaving classrooms.
  • As always, all students in campus housing have single bedrooms, as PC has been offering students the “Suite/Sweet Life” for years.
COVID-19 Response Services:
  • The new PC Student Telehealth Clinic is open onsite, staffed with a telehealth doctor and MSN student nurses not only for COVID testing (which are then processed offsite) but also for a number of other minor medical concerns.
  • Avera Health Care is offering the community access to testing via a number of different avenues. Individuals can call the COVID Hotline, during business hours, at 1-877-AT-AVERA or can access an online screening tool, anytime, day or night, and receive a call back to set up an appointment to receive testing, if necessary. Alternatively, people can also seek testing from any health care provider of their choice.
  • Students are encouraged to download the contact tracing app, Campus Clear, which maintains a log of all other individuals who have the app who may have come within 6 feet of them for 15+ minutes within a 24-hour period, over the past 14 days.
  • PC has established protocols for resident students in isolation (awaiting test results or having tested positive) and in quarantine (who have been in close contact with someone awaiting test results or having tested positive). Resident students in isolation will have their meals from the dining hall delivered to them. Those in quarantine will pick up boxed meals at the designated distribution site. Both groups of students will continue to have access to classes online.


Welcome back Saints Family!

As we prepare for fantastic Spring semester, we hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful break. It may not have been the normal holiday season with COVID-19 still at large, but things seem to be shaping up as the U.S. continues to distribute the vaccine and hopefully soon things can return to normal. As a college we will continue to resume all COVID-19 safeguard protocols that were in effect for the Fall semester. This includes all guidelines listed in the recent ‘winter break letter’  that was sent out before the holidays (it is also attached in this email). In addition to the COVID-19 response services that are provided on campus, we are excited to announce that the South Dakota Department of Health is sponsoring free on campus COVID-19 tests for all students, faculty, and staff returning for the spring semester. The Presentation College nursing staff will be helping administer the self-test in the Simulation Center located in the Southeast building on the following dates:

  • Monday, January 11th | 1 pm – 4pm | Athletes
  • Wednesday, January 13th | 1pm - 5pm | Resident
  • Thursday, January 14th | 8am – 12pm | Non-Resident

If we all take these tests before the start of the spring semester, our community can be confident that we are doing what we can to keep each other safe and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

Therefore, we are strongly encouraging all students to get tested during the testing times noted above.  We also encourage all faculty and staff to be tested during any one of the three time slots.  Once you arrive at the Simulation Center you will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 test form, trained staff will then walk you through the sample collection procedure step-by-step. After you collect your own sample it will be signed and sent to a laboratory for medical analysis.  Within 48-72 hours you will be notified if your COVID-19 test results are positive.     

  Even if you have tested negative in the past, you are still strongly encouraged to get tested during these testing times on campus.  Students who tested positive within the past 30 days may test positive again.  Dr. Simon will contact you to discuss your test results and visit with you regarding your previous positive.    

If you do not attend face-to-face classes at any PC site, you are excused from the on-campus mass testing.  However, you do have the option to take a COVID-19 test via a mail-in system.  Please respond to to indicate that all your courses are online and you would like the directions for the mail-in COVID-19 test.

We anticipate that most students will test negative. Those who test positive will be asked by the Department of Health to remain in isolation for 10 days.  By taking the test at the beginning of the semester, you can better ensure that you are able to complete your isolation period before too much class time has passed.   

One of the best ways we can protect one another is by doing everything we can to stay healthy and avoid spreading COVID-19 on PC’s campus.   Wear your mask (required throughout campus).  Maintain a 6 foot distance.  Avoid crowds when possible.  By taking these simple precautions, as well as the test, you can do your part to protect the Saints.

Please contact if you have any questions about the testing process. 

Presentation College COVID-19 Task Force

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