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COVID-19 Safeguarding Strategies

PC Students:

We are looking forward to having you back on campus for the spring semester. This is a critical time for us to make the transition back into campus life carefully, given how faculty, staff, and students are reassembling from around the globe during a dramatic new surge in COVID cases. In fact, statewide it has been reported that we have the largest number of active cases since the pandemic began. Based on this information and the current CDC Guidelines, the following Presentation College COVID Guidelines for Spring 2022 will be followed:

Resident Student Return & COVID Testing:

  • Resident students are encouraged to return to campus as scheduled. We realize some of you may be delayed by flight issues. Housing and food service will be available as originally scheduled, so students are encouraged to arrive as planned.
  • Given the recent surges in COVID cases, state-wide, nationally, and globally, all resident students will be COVID tested upon their arrival. Dr. Welling, Dr. Garstecki and the Student Affairs and Clinic teams are working on the logistics of administering those tests. More information on the testing process is to come. This will take some time, especially over the next week, as students return.
  • Thus, we are recommending that students come back on schedule (or nearly thereafter, if flights delay them) in order to be tested, and if necessary, treated/quarantined during the first two weeks of the semester. This helps to ensure the greatest opportunity for prevention of COVID spread in the early weeks of their return and of being able to provide in-person education for the rest of the semester.

Commuter Students:

  • PC will provide all commuter students with home tests. Dr. Welling and Dr. Simon will be coordinating student test distribution and return for processing.

New Student Orientation:

  • New Student orientation will take place on Monday January 10, 2022, IN PERSON for students who have been tested and who are masked.


Classes & Campus Protocols:

  • All classes will be held online during those first two weeks of the semester. This means in-person classes will resume on Monday, January 24. This gives faculty and commuter students the opportunity to be tested and, if necessary, to be treated/quarantined in this first pivotal, post-holiday weeks.
  • Clinicals will continue to be held as scheduled, as those students are subject to similar guidelines from the health care organizations where clinicals are held.
  • During the first two weeks on online learning, faculty may be working remotely, so please continue to check your PC emails and Moodle for updates.
  • From now through the first two weeks on the semester, everyone is required to wear masks in campus buildings when within 6 feet of others.
  • During the first month of the semester, the campus will not be open to the public without prior approval—but only to campus employees and students. (Students’ parents/guardians, of course, may help students with move in.)
  • During this critical time of student return and testing, athletic competitions will be closed to the public without prior approval (first two weeks of the Spring semester). Only tested students, faculty, staff, and approved game personnel will be able to attend—and only if masked. This begins with the January 7 basketball games in the Strode.

I know these precautionary measures will cause some inconvenience, but the health and safety of our employees and students is of primary importance. If we all follow these procedures, we will have the greatest likelihood of being able to enjoy campus life, in-person, for the Spring Semester.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It will take a full campus to keep PC open through May.


COVID-19 Response Services:
  • The new PC Student Telehealth Clinic is open onsite, staffed with a telehealth doctor and MSN student nurses not only for COVID testing (which are then processed offsite) but also for a number of other minor medical concerns.
    • PC has Antigen test kits on site at the campus clinic. Results are received within 15 minutes.

    • The PC Clinic will be in room 236 of the Main Building.
    • The PC Clinic hours are 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.
  • Avera Health Care is offering the community access to testing via a number of different avenues. Individuals can call the COVID Hotline, during business hours, at 1-877-AT-AVERA or can access an online screening tool, anytime, day or night, and receive a call back to set up an appointment to receive testing, if necessary. Alternatively, people can also seek testing from any health care provider of their choice.
  • Students are encouraged to download the contact tracing app, Campus Clear, which maintains a log of all other individuals who have the app who may have come within 6 feet of them for 15+ minutes within a 24-hour period, over the past 14 days.
  • PC has established protocols for resident students in isolation (awaiting test results or having tested positive) and in quarantine (who have been in close contact with someone awaiting test results or having tested positive). Resident students in isolation will have their meals from the dining hall delivered to them. Those in quarantine will pick up boxed meals at the designated distribution site. Both groups of students will continue to have access to classes online.


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