Saints Boosters

Become a Booster!

With nearly 300 student-athletes competing in the Saints’ green and gold on ten different teams, Saints Booster Club members provide vital support and commitment to the successes and experiences of these students.

The Booster Club uses five Points of Purpose that benchmark the organization:
  1. The promotion of athletics in an atmosphere that is consistent with the mission and educational philosophy of the College.

  2. To provide an opportunity to citizens to support student involvement in athletics and have a better understanding of activities which affect students in the college experience.
  3. To encourage attendance at all athletic contests.
  4. To support College athletic programs through various activities that generate revenue for all sports.
  5. To promote athletic department philosophy which encourages participation by a diverse student body, excellence in academic performance, good sportsmanship by the athlete and spectator, and a program which recognizes the athlete as a student first.

To view the Booster Club membership brochure, Booster Brochure.

For more information regarding the Saints’ Booster Club, please contact Lori Herron at 605-229-8454 or