Disability Services

Services Offered

Presentation College is committed to ensuring equal learning opportunities for all students, and provides students with emotional, learning, or physical disabilities reasonable accommodations in accordance with the College’s procedures.

Presentation College will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities who officially disclose disabilities with the Disabilities Coordinator. Reasonable accommodations are those that do not fundamentally alter the nature of the program, that can be readily achieved without undue financial or administrative burden, and that can be provided without lowering academic and other essential performance standards. Each person who has met the academic and technical standards for admission to or participation in the College programs will receive the educational opportunities, programs and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate.

To be eligible for an accommodation, the student must contact the Disabilities Coordinator in the Career and Learning Center at (605) 229-8580. Complete the Disabilities Application for Accommodations, and provide supporting documentation according to the Disabilities Documentation Criteria. To ensure timely approval, please contact the Disabilities Coordinator prior to the start of the academic term or as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed when all appropriate documentation is received, so please allow at least 10 business days for the review process. When inquiring about Service Animals or Emotional Support Animals please contact the Career and Learning Center 30 days prior to your arrival on campus.

Students may be required to submit medical or other diagnostic documentation of the disability, limitations and to participate in additional evaluation before receiving requested accommodations. Each student will be responsible for making timely and appropriate disclosures and requests for accommodations and for actively participating in the securing of his or her accommodations and auxiliary aids. This includes, when appropriate, applying for funding for specialized support services from vocational rehabilitation agencies.

Disabilities Documentation Criteria

Disabilities Application for Accommodations

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