Transfer of Credits

Official transcripts must be received from all institutions attended, whether or not credit was received and regardless of age of transcript. Transcripts are considered official only if they are sent directly by the issuing institution. All records submitted, filed, and accumulated in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices become the property of the College.

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a. Presentation College will accept credits from an institution of higher education that is accredited by a regional accrediting organization. Credit for coursework taken at an institution of higher education that is other than regionally accredited may be evaluated on an individual basis.

b. Coursework that is determined to be equivalent in scope and depth to requirements for the degree or general electives required for the degree will be transferred. Credit will not be given for duplication of courses. All credits accepted from another institution become a part of the permanent student record.

c. Evaluation of courses will be made by the appropriate College officials. It may be necessary to request additional information on coursework in order to determine applicability to degree requirements or course equivalencies.

d. Courses for which any grade lower than a “C-” was earned will not be accepted in transfer.

e. Courses with grades of S (Satisfactory), CR (Credit), or P (Pass) may be evaluated for transfer upon completion of the appropriate evaluation form. Courses being petitioned must be utilized for academic degree progression.

f. Students with previous college credits that are ten or more years old may be subject to challenge or qualifying exams by departments to demonstrate academic or clinical proficiency. Students who hold diplomas or certificates from a postsecondary institution may also be subject to challenge or qualifying exams.

g. Transfer grades are not included in computation of the Presentation College GPA. However, at the time of entrance into the College, transfer grades may be used in computation of a GPA for admission and/or program purposes.

Transfer credit not accepted

a. Transfer credit is not awarded for courses that are remedial at the previous educational institution or whose equivalent is remedial at Presentation College, with the exception of courses equivalent to EN114 or MA114 that have earned a minimum grade of C-, P, S, or other designation that the courses were successfully completed.

b. Courses at previous colleges granted credit by exam or credit for prior learning will not be accepted.

External credit

a. Credit for courses taken by external examination (Advanced Placement, CLEP, International Baccalaureate) will be granted upon receipt of an official score report and determination of the minimum score required. Presentation College reserves the right to limit the number of credits awarded for an examination in a subject area.