Sport and Event Management

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The Presentation College Sport & Event Management major prepares students with the necessary skills for a variety of career positions in the sports industry. Our program is strategically aligned with our business curriculum, allowing students to receive a solid education in Sport Management combined with the fundamental business knowledge required to manage sport organizations in the growing multi-billion dollar sport industry.

“I chose my major because I have always been involved in sports and I love everything about them and what they are able to do for people, cities, and entire cultures.”

- Brant McCall
PC Alum



Your learning experience will be characterized by personal attention and advising from faculty, rigorous academic training and relevant hands-on clinical experiences. Students will complete sport and business courses in accounting, finance, marketing, management, public relations, law, human resources, entrepreneurship and event and facility management. Additionally students are encouraged to seek compatible minor degrees based on their interests in communication, finance and coaching.


Our graduates will be prepared for jobs with international organizations, professional leagues, college and university athletic departments, high school athletic departments, parks and recreations associations, sports commissions, YMCA, and other sport organizations.


Our Faculty’s mission is to empower students upon graduation to be successful leaders in the sport Industry.