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The Presentation College Sport & Event Management major prepares students with the necessary skills for a variety of career positions in the sports industry. Our program is strategically aligned with our business curriculum, allowing students to receive a solid education in Sport Management combined with the fundamental business knowledge required to manage sport organizations in the growing multi-billion dollar sport industry.

“I chose my major because I have always been involved in sports and I love everything about them and what they are able to do for people, cities, and entire cultures.”

- Brant McCall
PC Alum


Where Can a Degree in Sports and Event Management Take You?

A degree in sports and event management will prepare you for a wide variety of job opportunities in the sports and events industry. It can position you for the exciting career path of your choice, including becoming a:

  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Team Marketing Director
  • Sports Information Director
  • Athletic Director
  • Park & Recreation Director
  • Event Coordinator
  • Sport Event Management
  • Sport Facility Manager

You may also decide to enter related fields like fundraising, marketing, public relations, sales or tourism.

Bring People Together With a Sports and Event Management Degree in South Dakota

Train for a career where you're in the business of bringing people together. If you thrive on event planning, have an eye for the finest details, and are an excellent communicator, this career path could be your place to shine.

Our SEM majors will learn the ins and outs of both professional and amateur sports, travel and tourism, and event management. You'll gain a deep understanding of the skills needed to plan and manage events on both a small and large scale. You'll also develop a keen eye for business administration and how to work seamlessly with other professionals.

Earn your sports and event management bachelor degree in South Dakota, and make the most of several incredible advantages:

  • Combine passion with a profession: There's nothing more fulfilling than blending your personal passion with a successful professional career. If you're fascinated with sports or community events, your degree will equip you to turn these interests into a living. Through our program, you'll be able to take courses that cater to your passions and gain relevant real-world experience.
  • Enjoy a high level of flexibility: The field of sports and event management leaves a lot of room for your personal interests. Whether you think you'd come alive handling PR crises or thrive leading public community events, your degree can lead you to a highly fluid career path.
  • Travel and explore: As a sports and event manager, you'll spend your fair share of time on the road. Between visiting new cities, scouting locations and networking with professionals, your career will be spent on your feet and in different locations. If you desire an active lifestyle and love to explore, this career path may be right up your alley.
  • Connect with others: As an event manager, you'll constantly be interacting with other people. If you enjoy interpersonal interactions and building relationships, this path will open doors to meet new people all the time.

Why Earn Your Sports and Event Management Degree Online at Presentation College?

At Presentation College, we're known for striking the ideal balance between rigorous academics and a supportive community. As a PC student, you'll be challenged to define your goals and step far outside of your comfort zone. Our professors and staff are here to champion you every step of the way, with individualized learning that's centered around your aspirations.

Our commitment to your future success isn't limited to the classroom. As the second-best-rated small-town college in the country, PC is known as a welcoming place for students to grow. Our focus on whole-person development creates a safe environment for students to truly challenge themselves. As you work hard to earn your sports and event management bachelor's degree in South Dakota, we'll ensure you develop the real-world experience and skills you need to thrive in your future.

Your Fulfilling Future Career Starts at Presentation College

Interested in earning your bachelor's in sports and event management at our campus in South Dakota? You can take the first step today when you submit your application! Our variety of online and on-campus courses are designed to offer the utmost flexibility and convenience. Check out our course curriculum and our financial aid package options to learn more about paying for an education at Presentation College.

If you have any questions about our undergraduate sports and event management program here in SD, please feel free to reach out!

PC Business is accredited by IACBE

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Your learning experience will be characterized by personal attention and advising from faculty, rigorous academic training and relevant hands-on clinical experiences. Students will complete sport and business courses in accounting, finance, marketing, management, public relations, law, human resources, entrepreneurship and event and facility management. Additionally students are encouraged to seek compatible minor degrees based on their interests in communication, finance and coaching.


Our graduates will be prepared for jobs with international and national organizations, professional leagues, college and university athletic departments, high school athletic departments, parks and recreation associations, sports commissions, YMCA's, and other sport organizations.


Our Faculty’s mission is to empower students upon graduation to be successful leaders in the sport Industry.