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Professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Technology, produce images of internal body structures and assist doctors in special procedures.

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The Radiologic Technology Bachelor’s Degree was awarded accreditation for a period of eight years, which is the maximum duration that may be awarded.  The program’s most recent site visit was conduction February 2021. The program will be required to complete an interim report the First Quarter of 2025 and the next site visit is tentatively scheduled for the First Quarter of 2029. The JRCERT publishes each program’s current accreditation status at:

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“I like the comfortable learning environment. You are pushed in the right direction, without becoming too overwhelmed. It's a close-knit community and the professors are extremely invested in furthering your education and preparing you to be a professional.”

- Mallori Rabenberg


Where Can a Radiologic Technology Degree Take You?

Through your Radiologic Technology degree at Presentation College, you'll learn how to use radiological equipment in order to diagnose and treat medical issues. Many students complete their four-year radiology technologist undergraduate degree, while others choose to earn an associate degree in radiologic technology in South Dakota.

The level of degree you earn will impact which types of jobs you qualify for within the field. You'll discover that within the field of radiology, there is a multitude of different jobs, environments and responsibilities.

While the majority work in the medical field, other graduates use their radiography experience to collaborate with scientists or engineers. With a bachelor's degree in radiology from our program in South Dakota, you'll have the chance to consider a variety of career pathways working in:

  • Radiologic technology
  • Forensics
  • Radiography education

You may be able to work anywhere, from outpatient wings and emergency care to imaging centers and primary care clinics. Outside of the medical realm, your radiology degree could open doors for a fascinating career in medical equipment sales, research, education or public service.

Blend Technology and Medicine With a Radiology Technologist Bachelor's Degree

Find the bridge between technological savvy and expert patient care with a career in radiologic technology. Your degree will position you for an engaging, diverse and highly impactful career in the medical field. Earn your B.S. in radiology technology here in South Dakota, and seek a fulfilling future anywhere in the country.

You'll be able to enjoy the many benefits of the field, such as:

  • People-driven career path: As a clinical professional, your time will be spent providing the timely and technology-based care that patients need.
  • Room to grow: Radiology technologists have plenty of different pathways for advancement through both their professional drive and continued education.
  • Diverse work settings: Radiology technologists are needed far beyond the traditional hospital. From clinics and emergency rooms to government research and science labs, you'll have the potential to work in many fascinating settings. The Radiologic Technology degree can also be paired with a Healthcare Administration minor in order to advance careers into Hospital management.
  • In demand skills: Want to put your hard-earned knowledge and talents to good use? The skills you'll develop through our undergraduate program won't go unappreciated. In fact, the job market for radiological technologists is far above the average and is expected to keep rising as the global population ages.

Why Earn Your Radiology Degree Online at Presentation College?

As one of the premier rad tech degrees in South Dakota, Presentation College offers a strong program for the next generation of radiology technologists. Our curriculum will challenge you to think outside the box, master complex technologies and strive for excellence, both independently and as a team. But don't worry — at PC, you'll never have to face rigorous academics alone.

Our small classroom sizes and caring faculty provide a close-knit space for individualized learning and mentorship. Both on our campus and in our online courses, you'll discover the difference that a supportive community can make.

Our academic approach is centered around each student's individual goals. We know that you're a unique person with your own aspirations, strengths and learning style. We're committed to creating an educational plan that meets your needs so that you can graduate ready to thrive in your chosen profession. Between internships, service learning and the guidance of our faculty, you'll be ready for success.

Apply for Your Bachelor's Degree in Radiologic Technology Today

Interested in entering the radiologic technology field, where you'll collaborate with healthcare leaders and learn from the very best? Presentation College is committed to your whole-person development. Apply to our radiology degree today and see how we can help you prepare for future success.


Our Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Technology offers more course work in CT than typical programs. Twelve months of clinical rotations in a variety of locations within the Aberdeen area.


If you’re wondering about “radiologic technologist programs near me,” Presentation provides clinical sites at Avera and Sanford hospitals in Aberdeen, as well as at hospitals in Spearfish, South Dakota; Mankato, Minnesota; St. James, Minnesota; and Fairmont, Minnesota.


When you earn your Bachelor’s  Degree from our Radiologic Technology program you’ll have gained exceptional preparation to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists professional certification exam. You’ll also have a solid foundation for advanced study, and many of our students go on to earn their master’s degree.