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Psychology is the study of the mind and is a field that brings together the knowledge gained from that study with the desire to help those struggling with mental and emotional issues. The psychology degree program at Presentation delivers a solid foundation in the study of psychology and emphasizes the value and dignity of each individual.

“Presentation is a place for opportunity and success. It is a great learning environment because you not only have a great connection with professors, but you feel comfortable in a small school.”

- Nathan Macleod
PC Alum


Where Can a Degree in Psychology Take You?

One of the greatest advantages of a degree in psychology is its versatility. After completing our bachelor's program, students can decide to move in many different directions depending on their goals and interests. Many enter graduate school to earn an advanced degree to become a licensed counselor or psychotherapist. Others enter the field of human or social services, stepping into roles such as:

  • Career counselor
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Case manager
  • Child care worker
  • Probation officer
  • Market researcher
  • Psychology laboratory assistant

Some psychology graduates go on to apply their degree in other fields — such as education, sales, media or business. Your firm foundation in understanding human behavior and motivators, in addition to your enhanced communication skills, will give you a transferable edge beyond the traditional field of psychology.

Gain a Deeper Understanding With a Psychology Degree in South Dakota

As a psychology student, you will amass a broad and in-demand skill set. Between communication skills, fine-tuned analysis and research abilities, psychology graduates master many transferable skills. On a personal level, you will gain a profound insight into human behavior and thought patterns. You'll uncover the complex mysteries behind how people act, think and motivate themselves. You'll understand others — and yourself — in an entirely new way.

Through your courses, you will unpack the science behind human psychology. You'll analyze information and conduct in-depth studies in order to draw data-driven conclusions. As a psychology professional, your research will have the potential to break new ground and add invaluable insight to the field. If you are searching for a high-impact, people-centered career, Presentation College's undergraduate psychology program in SD will be the perfect starting point.

Why Earn Your Bachelor's in Psychology at Presentation College?

At Presentation College, we are known for our strong academic programs, personalized approach and service-learning opportunities. Small classroom sizes and highly experienced faculty create a welcoming space for each student to thrive. Under the care and instruction of our professors, you will receive individualized mentorship that is oriented around your unique goals for the future.

Our commitment to your success doesn't just stay in the classroom. Ranked as the second-best small-town college in the nation, our community prides itself on being a warm and welcoming place for students to land. We believe it's this supportive environment that enables our students to truly challenge themselves. By the time you graduate with a psychology bachelor's degree in South Dakota, you will have gained the skills and real-world internship experience needed to walk confidently forward into your future.

Take the First Step to Your Psychology Degree Today

Interested in earning your bachelor's in psychology at our campus in South Dakota? Submit your application today! We offer a mixture of online and on-campus courses designed with our students' convenience in mind. Feel free to browse our course curriculum and our financial aid options to learn more. Have any questions about our psychology bachelor degree? Please reach out to our admissions team and let us know how we can help!


The learning experience in our Psychology degree programs is characterized by excellent instruction and a wide range of options for students to shape the curriculum around their specific interests.


As a student in the Psychology degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a number of service-learning initiatives that directly relate to the field—such as at places like Safe Harbor or working with people struggling with PTSD.


Many graduates of our bachelor’s degree in Psychology move on to graduate school to pursue advanced degrees, while others have gained the excellent foundation necessary to work in a psychology-related field. A degree in psychology is truly valuable and can be applied to a huge range of professional fields—from mental health and counseling, to business and the law, to media and the arts.