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Discover Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and is a field that brings together the knowledge gained from that study with the desire to help those struggling with mental and emotional issues. The psychology degree program at Presentation delivers a solid foundation in the study of psychology and emphasizes the value and dignity of each individual.

“Presentation is a place for opportunity and success. It is a great learning environment because you not only have a great connection with professors, but you feel comfortable in a small school.”

- Nathan Macleod
PC Alum



The learning experience in our Psychology degree programs is characterized by excellent instruction and a wide range of options for students to shape the curriculum around their specific interests.


As a student in the Psychology degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a number of service-learning initiatives that directly relate to the field—such as at places like Safe Harbor or working with people struggling with PTSD.


Many graduates of our bachelor’s degree in Psychology move on to graduate school to pursue advanced degrees, while others have gained the excellent foundation necessary to work in a psychology-related field. A degree in psychology is truly valuable and can be applied to a huge range of professional fields—from mental health and counseling, to business and the law, to media and the arts.