MSN Clinicals

MSN – Nursing Clinicals/Residencies – What to Expect (Full-time Students)
Family Nurse Practitioner:

Semester 3:

  • Advanced Health Promotion Across the Lifespan (172 hours + 8 hours residency)
  • Advanced Physical Assessment (10 hours residency)

Semester 4:

  • Care of Acute and Episodic Client Conditions (172 hours + 8 hours residency)

Semester 5:

  • Care of Women and Pediatric Clients (172 hours + 8 hours residency)

Semester 6:

  • Care of Chronic and Complex Client Conditions (172 hours + 8 hours residency)

Residency travel requirements:

Four total on campus residency days in our Simulation Center is required for full-time students. These take place within the first two weeks of each semester. Part-time students may have to come to campus five times depending on class schedule.

Clinical Placements:

We do facilitate clinical placements for students. We have existing agreements with numerous hospitals, clinics and health departments in SD, MN, IA and ND. Students are asked to fill out a request form approximately 9-12 months prior to each clinical placement. This form allows the student to list potential sites they would like to complete their clinical. Once this is received, we determine if we have an existing agreement with the facility, if we do, we work on arranging the clinical. If we do not have an existing agreement, we will begin the process.

Clinical Requirements:

Students must complete 500 hours working as an RN before starting their Family Nurse Practitioner clinicals.