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MSN nursing programs at Presentation deliver a systematic teaching process, interdisciplinary residencies in our state-of-the-art Avera Simulation Center, and engaging interactive online activities that transcend learning through lecture. PC's nursing faculty aid in coordinating preceptorships for MSN students. 

The Presentation Difference:
  • Fall and Spring Semester Program Starts (new program start in January 2023)
  • No Wait-list for admission or clinical placement
  • Guaranteed clinical placement

“Having smaller class sizes is beneficial for a Nursing school learning experience. That one-on-one with your professor will really help with your more difficult classes.”

- Audra Antonsen


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Why Earn Your FNP Degree?

As a family nurse practitioner (FNP), you'll become a consistent health care figure for many families. You'll watch each individual grow and be there to offer expert care throughout their lifetime. But before you can begin serving patients and improving the quality of health care in your community, you must earn your family nurse practitioner degree. Our family nurse practitioner program, based in South Dakota, provides the education you'll need to complete your clinicals and earn your credentials.

Prepare to launch into a fulfilling career as a FNP, where you can enjoy several exciting benefits:

  • Specialty career opportunities: As a FNP, you can care for patients of all ages across a diverse range of specialties. Choose to work with newborns or the elderly, and offer urgent care or preventive treatment. With a family nurse practitioner education, you can choose a career that aligns with your interests.
  • In-demand skills: Our family nurse practitioner programs in SD will give you all the tools necessary to prepare for your future career. The good news is, those skills are in high demand. Studies show that the job outlook for nurse practitioners is growing, with new jobs being created in the next few years. Your degree will equip you with skills to meet a growing need and take care of others in your community.
  • Personal reward: Professional success is an undisputed draw for many FNPs. But what about the personal satisfaction of the job? As a family nurse practitioner, you will have a tangible impact on caring for your community. You will heal, educate, support and improve the quality of life for countless people through your practice.
  • Competitive edge: Take the reigns of your future and seek success as a licensed FNP. With high earning potential, leadership qualifications and a marketable skill set, many graduates find that a FNP degree is a surefire way to advance their career.

Explore Our Online Nurse Practitioner Program in SD

Are you working full-time or balancing family responsibilities with your educational goals? Presentation College offers the support you need. Our six-semester academic program takes place online to give you the ultimate control over your schedule. Access quality education — and hands-on support from our premier faculty — all from the convenience of your home.

Our fully accredited nursing program doesn't have a waitlist, so you can begin your education right away. As far as online FNP programs in SD go, our education is among the best. Specialty focuses on health care education and organized clinicals ensure you can access every resource you need. Explore your options with the support of the safe, goal-oriented community at PC.

Step Into Your Future Today

Take your BSN to an advanced level by earning your FNP degree at Presentation College. Learn through hands-on experience and expert faculty guidance as you become part of our online learning community. Do you have any questions about our program or financial aid? Feel free to reach out to our team for assistance — or submit your application online today.


The Family Nurse Practitioner MSN program prepares nurses to assume the role of a primary care provider to families and individuals across the lifespan. The MSN-FNP online program (6 Semesters) is based on national evidence-based criteria.


Curriculum for this master’s degree in nursing is offered in a family-oriented approach that results in trained Family Nurse Practitioners who provide preventative healthcare and health maintenance.

To be eligible students must have a BSN license and be residents of:

  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Iowa


With a rural focus, students acquire the skills needed to work with diverse populations, to advocate for social justice, to promote patient health and integrate technology and research into managing both acute and chronic health problems.