Nursing Progression Application Process

Nursing progression applications are required to be completed the semester before your first nursing class. Speak to your advisor for guidance on when to apply. 

Before filling out the application form, you are required to watch the orientation video in its entirety. It has pertinent information not only on the different resources that are available to you but the application process that you will be completing. The presentation gives you information on each step of the process with supporting documents listed below.

Step 1:
Complete Orientation Presentation in its entirety!!! You will need to submit a screenshot of your completion as prompted in the presentation. 
Step 2:
Ensure you have taken all prerequisite courses. You will need to access your student portal and submit screenshot or copy of your degree audit proving you have taken the required courses. Please ensure that the courses that are needed are on your screenshot or copy as we will not accept it if they are not available to be reviewed. The required classes are outlined on your orientation presentation. Please note a minimum of a 2.7 GPA is also required to progress. 
Step 3:
You will need to complete a TEAS IV or NLN Pax exam results. Please refer to the orientation presentation along with the handouts attached below to ensure you have achieved the minimum score within the designated time frame. Exemptions from taking this exam are outline in the orientation video. Also note you will have to ensure that transcripts from exam are sent to Presentation College. 

Entrance Exam Information

Scheduling the ATI TEAS

Scheduling the NLN PAX

Step 4:
Purchase your Viewpoint Tracker and ensure all areas are complete. This is reviewed in the orientation video, however it would be best to read the below documents in their entirety to ensure all areas are complete. When a requirement is approved it will turn green and say what date it was approved on. If it is denied it will be red and will list a note on the bottom of the page as to why it was denied. You cannot submit your application until all these are complete and approved.  

Health & Background Instruction Packet

Handbook Agreement 22-23

Step 5:
LPN-BSN Students Only!!! All LPN-BSN students must fill out the NLN Waiver saying if they plan to take a NLN NACE exam to test out of the allowed courses or sign stating they are choosing not to take these exams. If a student is planning on attempting a NACE exam they will also need to fill out the "Remote Credit by Exam" form posted below.

NLN Waiver

Remote Credit by Exam Agreement

Step 6:
You will need to order a clinical ID- this is different than your student ID. Below you will find a form to fill out. When you upload this form to the application page you will need to include a clear, professional-looking headshot. If you do not attach a photo with your form, it will be rejected. Also, any blurry, unprofessional photos that are not headshots will be rejected. 

Clinical ID Order Form

Step 7:
Hybrid students must obtain or have obtained an ​unencumbered ​Certified Nursing Assistant licensure within the last five years prior to progressing into the nursing program. ​A patient care technician title may work in place of a CNA license with appropriate evidence of earned title and job description. Exception requests should be sent to the Nursing Division for approval at Evidence of licensure or exception will need to be uploaded with nursing application.
Step 8:
Click this link to fill out and submit the nursing application! Please note that all components of this application will need to be completed in order to submit. If documents are missing or partially completed, the application will be rejected.

Nursing Progression Application