Interdisciplinary Studies

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Discover Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies degrees are flexible and individualized to your interests, experience and skills; your degree will combine courses to meet your academic and professional goals. Choosing this program allows students to choose 2 concentrations, and allows for 31 elective credits. This degree is very transfer-friendly. Interdisciplinary Studies degrees emphasize a diverse and customized curriculum, which can make you a strong, well-rounded candidate adaptable to many positions and/or graduate school.

“PC has an amazing family atmosphere, it was everything I expected." 

-Derek Buthe, Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate

Concentration Options

Criminal Justice
Exercise Science
Natural Science
Religious Studies

Is a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies right for me?

If your career choice requires professional certification or specialized skills, you should consider a degree that will make you the most competitive in that industry or field. For example, some fields such as nursing or radiologic  technology require licensure, and this is best accomplished through a traditional degree program specifically designed to meet those requirements. Also, if you are pursuing a graduate degree that requires specific course prerequisites or requires a specific bachelor’s degree type, then you should consider a traditional degree program that prepares you to meet those prerequisites.  It is important to weigh your degree options based on the requirements for your choice career or graduate program.

However, if you identify with the following scenarios, Interdisciplinary Studies may be a degree for you:

  • Do you have an associate degree and would like to complete your bachelor’s degree in order to improve employment opportunities or job advancement?
  • Did you start a degree but stepped away from school, and now are ready to finish your degree?
  • Did you transfer a significant number of credits to Presentation College for a degree not offered at Presentation College? 
  • Presentation College does not offer the degree I want, but the combination of concentrations meets the requirements for professional school or career advancement?

Why Earn Your Degree at Presentation College?

When you visit our campus or listen to our students' stories, you'll soon begin to understand what sets our community apart. As a Presentation College Saint, you'll discover that your dreams for the future matter to us — really and truly. You're more than a face in the classroom or a number on our student list, you become part of the Saints community.

Our individualized approach to learning takes each unique student's goals, strengths and challenges into consideration. We will listen to your plans for the future, give you all the tools for success, guide you through the rough spots, and celebrate your achievements. That’s what we do here.

Our goal-oriented culture comes to life through our expert faculty. Their years of experience and compassionate care make all the difference, in the classroom and beyond. Work experience, networking and service-learning are just a few ways you'll be able to set yourself apart as a new graduate.

Students choose two concentrations with a minimum of 15 credits each, for a total of 42 concentration credits. Students also get 31 general elective credits, which leaves room to add a minor or to accommodate classes transferring in. 

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Depending on the pairing of your concentrations, you can prepare for pre-professional programs such as physical therapy, medical school, law school, dentistry, education, and counseling. You can also meet the requirements to pursue your teaching certification, careers in law enforcement, business, and government, among others.


Many first jobs for graduates do not require a specific degree; employers are looking for an ability to think, communicate, learn, analyze and solve problems, work with people, and be, above all, adaptable.  An Interdisciplinary Studies major allows the student to do this by providing a broad base of advanced studies in a variety of disciplines. 


PC’s Interdisciplinary Studies degree is extremely customizable! Students can add a minor (or two) to their degree to create a skill-set that is perfect for their career goals, without adding semesters to their plan of study. Minor choices include: Psychology, Human Services, Exercise Science, Coaching, Management, Business Essentials and more.