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Learn the art of advocacy and the essentials to effectively help others in need with the Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree from Presentation College. Earning your human services degree at PC gives you more than an understanding of how compassion meets policy and process. In the program you will evaluate social, political and historical milestones and trends as they relate to human services' role in advocating for individuals, families and communities in need.

“The reason I chose my major is because I
absolutely love working with people. I want to
be able to help as many people as possible,
and with this career choice I will!”

- Jamie Krueger


Where Can a Human Services Degree Take You?

A bachelor's in human services from Presentation College, located in South Dakota, can open doors to a wide range of career options. The direction you choose will depend on your personal interests and professional aspirations. From caseworker positions in the criminal justice system to social work roles within community-led nonprofits, human services careers span many sectors.

Many graduates decide to pursue roles in:

  • Government: Whether on a state, federal or local level, you can pursue a role advocating for cases in the justice system.
  • Community service: Advocates and outreach personnel are invaluable bridges between the government and the community, helping to speak up for the needs of the people.
  • Social work: With a human services bachelor degree in South Dakota, you will qualify for roles such as a social work assistant or liaison. This will give you vital experience working with families and children in need of assistance. You may wish to eventually advance your career by pursuing a master's degree in social work.

Serve Others With a Human Services Degree in South Dakota

Turn your passion for people into a fulfilling profession with a degree in human services. Professionals in this field dedicate their careers to helping people access the resources and care they need. Through your studies, you'll gain a well-rounded understanding of policy as well as practical insight into how to advocate for the needs of your community.

Wondering if our undergraduate human services program in SD will lead to the career of your dreams? Consider the following benefits:

  • Help society: As a human services professional, you can impact others on both an individual and a community level. Make a one-on-one difference with marginalized families and advocate for the needs of your community on a local government level. You can have a direct role in solving problems like homelessness, addiction and domestic violence in your area.
  • Work independently: While many human services professionals are naturally people-oriented, an autonomous work style can have plenty of perks. If you choose to become a social worker or caseworker, you'll likely experience a high level of independence and days spent in the field rather than behind a desk.
  • Pursue self-growth: In addition to helping others, human services professionals often experience high levels of self-improvement over time. Your career will be spent gaining deeper insight into human behavior and thinking. You'll also find yourself wearing many hats, from an advocate and counselor to a policy analyst. As a result, you'll continuously have to exercise new skills and sharpen existing ones.

Why Earn Your Bachelor's in Human Services at Presentation College?

Presentation College's human services bachelor's degree in South Dakota provides an invaluable opportunity to learn through a mixture of instruction and experience. Our small classroom sizes and experienced professors create a perfect environment for hands-on learning. Beyond the classroom, we facilitate a variety of internships, networking opportunities and work placements. You'll have a chance to develop tangible skills that put your textbook knowledge to the test.

Our campus finds a seamless balance between celebrating the individual and connecting as a community. We're known for being a supportive and safe place to challenge yourself and leap outside of your comfort zone. Join our community and you'll discover for yourself what sets our PC Saints apart.

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Students in the program learn to apply culturally responsive strategies across diverse populations, and apply legal and ethical standards to provide comprehensive, well-informed care.


Human services professionals work in community, residential care or institutional settings. You may find yourself providing direct services such as leading a group, organizing an activity, or advocating for those struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence and health conditions.


Individuals with a human service bachelor’s degree can go on to become social workers, case managers, substance abuse counselors, career counselors, juvenile court liaisons, community outreach coordinators, probation officers, and human services specialists in non-profits, public agencies, and the private sector.