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A healthcare administration degree prepares graduates for the challenges posed by today’s complex and constantly growing healthcare industry. The complexity of a healthcare facility requires behind-the-scenes professionals that can manage the daily operations of a healthcare facility. Behind every efficiently operating medical facility is a team of health administration professionals dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the most effective and efficient care possible.

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felt that this degree would expand my opportunities in my
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- Brooke Thomson


Where Can a Healthcare Administration Degree Take You?

The complex nature of the healthcare field means there are many necessary behind-the-scenes jobs. Your online healthcare administration degree will equip you to keep the medical profession running smoothly. You'll use a mixture of skills — including medical knowledge, a business mindset and a deep understanding of health policy — to manage personnel as well as the details of a facility.

While some healthcare administrator professionals work with patients, many use their organizational and management skills to take care of the operations of a healthcare facility.

Many graduates from our healthcare administration bachelor degree in South Dakota pursue employment opportunities such as:

  • Hospital administrator
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Health services manager
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Private practice office manager
  • Medical reimbursement specialist
  • Healthcare consultant

Some graduates choose to continue their studies and obtain a master's degree in a related field. In lieu of a four-year bachelor's program, other students decide to earn a healthcare administration associate degree. This program — which typically takes two years to complete — provides an introductory-level overview of the business operations and healthcare field basics, qualifying students for entry-level employment in the field.

Bring Innovation to the Healthcare System With a Healthcare Administration Degree in South Dakota

Do you have an innovative approach to organization? Are you able to look at current systems and envision ways to improve the process? Do you have a sharp eye for details? With a multifaceted healthcare administration degree, your interests and skills can make a tangible difference.

A bachelor's in healthcare administration from our program in South Dakota will give you the framework to enter a diverse career where you can specialize in an area such as management, finance or human resources.

Working in this field offers many benefits, including:

  • Strong job security: The job outlook for healthcare administration is projected to keep growing at a rate much faster than the norm. Between hospitals, doctors' offices, long term care facilities, and insurance agencies, your skills will be in high demand.
  • Hands-on care: A healthcare administration degree will give you the tools to help others in a meaningful way. Whether you're working in a hands-on clinical role or managing data behind the scenes, your career will focus on helping keep your community healthy.
  • Continual growth: Healthcare administrators are responsible for running efficient businesses that meet the needs of both employees and patients. In addition to handling administrative needs, you'll have to stay up-to-date with changes in medicine and policy. As the field grows, so will you — keeping you in a state of continual learning.
  • Advancement opportunities: Your bachelor's degree will be a starting point for an in-demand career. Where you go next is up to you. Healthcare administration professionals typically have many opportunities for career growth, with the potential to become a high-level executive or even a healthcare facility CEO.

Why Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration at Presentation College?

Presentation College offers a challenging healthcare administration degree online for your convenience. Discover the power of a learning community that's oriented around your individual goals and future aspirations. Under the instruction and care of our experienced professors, you'll prepare to step into a fulfilling career path.

Our supportive community is built on a focus on whole-person growth. This means we're deeply invested in you as a person — including your skills, dreams and strengths — in a way that goes far beyond your academic performance. We'll help position you for professional success through a combination of hands-on classroom learning, expert mentorship and real-world internship experience.

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Healthcare administration degree students take coursework in Healthcare focused Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Marketing, in addition to classes specifically tailored toward work in the healthcare industry, such as health policy, legal aspects, ethics, and information systems.


Students in the program for a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration gain the knowledge and skills to plan and supervise the delivery of various services by a variety and multiple medical professionals. Whether the place of work is a private physician office, multi-physician medical center, hospital, or long term care facility, each operation needs qualified professionals with degrees from accredited healthcare administration programs to track and analyze trends and to keep the business on the cutting edge in an ever-changing industry.


Healthcare administration professionals can be found working in a variety of settings, from small private practices to regional hospitals to national medical centers. With the right healthcare administration degree, these professionals can pursue careers in nursing homes, outpatient care centers, rehabilitation clinics or home healthcare services.