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The Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree prepares students for professional jobs within the healthcare industry. This health science degree targets individuals who already hold an associate degree and wish to pursue their education, individuals who wish to obtain an entry-level position in a healthcare facility, individuals who want to advance into a management role, or individuals wanting to pursue a graduate degree within the healthcare field.

“My interest in the healthcare field prompted me
to choose health science. There are many career
opportunities associated with this degree.”

- Leslie Repp


Where Can a Health Science Degree Take You?

You might be considering a health science degree for a number of reasons. Your degree can help you advance your current healthcare career, help you transition into a new field or prepare you for a graduate program.

The diversity of the healthcare field means your degree will open doors for you to work in a variety of settings. Hospitals, physicians' offices, medical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are common workplaces for health science graduates. However, you could also find yourself using your degree in a nonprofit organization, an insurance company, a consulting firm or even within public service.

Your health science bachelor degree from our program in South Dakota can position you for opportunities like:

  • Non-clinical healthcare roles such as health education specialist or health services manager.
  • Administrative roles including marketing management or medical records technician.
  • Public sector roles like research director or public health officer.
  • Graduate work in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or physician assistant. 

Stay on the Cutting Edge With a Health Science Degree in South Dakota

The need for qualified health sciences professionals is high and growing. As a result, the potential for career advancement and competitive salaries is growing as well. But most importantly, a bachelor's in health science from South Dakota gives you the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of health science discoveries and improve your community's quality of life. Through this program, you'll learn to turn your passion into a profession that helps countless others.

Choosing to obtain a health science degree can lead to some lifelong benefits:

  • In-demand skillset: Your education will teach you the fundamentals of biology, anatomy, medicine and nutrition. You'll also develop valuable professional skills like information literacy, organization, communication and problem-solving. These skills will prepare you for one of the most in-demand occupations on the job market.
  • Care directly for patients: If you love working with people, a career in health science will provide plenty of opportunities for interaction. You won't just be working alongside others, either — you'll be responsible for caring for their health and improving their quality of life.
  • Showcase your strengths: Many students decide to pursue a career that aligns with their natural interests. If you've got an innate knack for mathematics, biology and health, this field will cater to your strengths while challenging you to continuously learn more.

Why Earn Your Bachelor's in Health Science at Presentation College?

At Presentation College, earning an education is about so much more than going to class. Our community culture is built around whole-person development. We're interested in your individual strengths, your future aspirations and your unique voice. Earn your health science bachelor's degree here in South Dakota and you'll experience an education that's designed with your needs in mind!

Our deep academic and spiritual heritage culminates in a warm community willing to go above and beyond to help our students succeed. With the guidance and instruction of our experienced faculty, you'll learn the skills needed for a successful career in health science. Throughout your studies, you'll have plenty of opportunities to sharpen these skills with real-world experience. Our clinicals, internship programs and networking opportunities are a chance for you to get practical experience under your belt before graduation.

Our hands-on learning comes to life with our state-of-the-art facilities, including laboratories and a simulation center. A selection of virtual classes makes it easier than ever to earn your online health science degree in South Dakota.

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Prepare to enter the healthcare field with all the skills and experience needed to thrive. Presentation College offers a dynamic health science undergraduate program in SD that's perfect for students with aspirations in the medical field. Apply online today to discover your place in our program.


The learning experience in the health science bachelor’s degree program is designed to have a health care focus. You’ll be able to customize your degree by adding minors that will benefit your future goals.  And with our cadaver lab—a distinctive facility for a school our size—and remodeled labs, you’ll benefit from excellent resources and technology.


One of the reasons health degrees are becoming more popular is the flexibility of career choices after college. Students of our BS in Health Science can either choose a specialization or take classes that will give them a general background for health they can later use to pursue careers in medicine, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, public health or go on to graduate school.


Graduates of the on-campus or the online health science degree programs have a diverse range of options and opportunities in front of them. It’s an outstanding foundation for graduate studies and the pursuit of advanced degrees in areas like medicine and health care. Enter the professional world with your bachelor’s degree in the fields of medical administration, management, education, and others.