Esports and Gaming Administration Minor



Between 2018 and 2019, the number of jobs in esports nearly doubled-growing a staggering 185%. In addition, there are numerous business jobs elsewhere in the games industry, including roles in distribution, research, sales, and marketing. The explosive growth in esports-and the attendant growth within the games industry which it has field-has created a demand for business professionals with a solid understanding of the nuances of the industry. This course provides students with an understanding of the complexities specific to managing esports teams and leagues.

The ESports and Gaming course curriculum has been informed by interviews conducted with professionals at Capcom, Riot, and other Esports-adjacent companies.  They identified three gaps in traditional business education programs that – if addressed – would result in graduates who are significantly more employable in the games industry. Those gaps are: 

  • No knowledge of the process by which games are made.
  • An inadequate understanding of the go-to market strategies typical of the industry.
  •  Confusion regarding the various elements that come together for a successful Esports event or league.

The Business Administration in Esports & Gaming curriculum directly prepares the student to understand lead in each of these areas. 

Program Requirements