Digital Marketing Minor


The digital transformation of the global economy has rapidly changed the marketing landscape over the last decade. While traditional advertising channels such as newspapers and radio are in decline, the world of digital marketing has exploded. Over 50% of all marketing dollars are now being spent through online channels and employers are prioritizing candidates with digital marketing skills.

Despite the strong career prospects of digital marketing professionals, very few colleges offer robust programs in this area. The Digital Marketing major taught through the LCMC complements existing marketing curriculum to provide students with the most vital and in-demand skills for reaching customers and growing product.

Industry Overview

According to McKinley, the average US salary for Digital Marketers is $107k and 61% of companies plan to add digital marketers to their team this year.  LinkedIn’s recent list of top 10 in-demand jobs includes digital marketers with SEO, social media, and content marketing skills.

In fact, the most common recruiting problem for marketing teams is too few quality candidates.

Popular career pathways include Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Analytics Specialist, Social Media Manager, and Content Strategist.
Source: McKinley, LinkedIn

Program Requirements