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Criminal justice is a field that, more than anything, is about helping people and keeping communities safe. The criminal justice program at Presentation offers a comprehensive approach to learning the principles of the profession, as well as robust opportunities for hands-on training.

“The relationship between students and faculty at PC are very close knit. You are able to have a lot of one on one with your professor and it makes learning easier. Criminal Justice has always been something that I wanted to do, and  I like that PC has a good relationship with the police department here in Aberdeen.”

- Lauren Zapata
PC Alum


Where Can You Go With a Criminal Justice Degree?

If you're driven to fight for justice and advocate for your community, a criminal justice degree may be the perfect launchpad for a rewarding career. Earning your bachelor's in criminal justice in South Dakota will position you for an exciting career in law enforcement, crime scene investigation or social services.

Through your studies, you'll learn the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and find your area of passion. Whether you like to research and conduct lab work, collaborate with a team in the field, or advocate for justice on a policy level, your degree will prepare you for a specialized career.

After completing our undergraduate criminal justice program in SD, you'll be ready to pursue a varied number of positions, such as:

  • Parole or probation officer
  • Private detective
  • Police officer
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Security guard
  • Victim advocate

Students may also go on to earn advanced degrees or enter related fields like law, public service or social work.

Protect the Peace With a Criminal Justice Degree in South Dakota

Earning your criminal justice bachelor degree in South Dakota is an essential starting point for a uniquely fulfilling career. No matter which niche direction your future takes you, you'll have the tools and knowledge needed to advance the cause of justice in your community. The benefits of a criminal justice career are vast, spanning from professional growth to personal development.

Help Others in Need

Many criminal justice majors choose this field because of an innate desire to keep their community safe. Whether you spend your days investigating crime, enforcing policies or advocating for victims, your career will center on helping others. The satisfaction of making a difference and serving the greater good is a draw for many students.

Experience a Unique and Exciting Work Life

Looking for a field that's dynamic and different? Criminal justice is your ticket into a career where no two days will look alike. Depending on the route you choose, you'll likely have to adapt quickly to new information and situations. During your studies, you'll gain real-world experience that will help you prepare for an exciting future career and ensure you know what to expect.

Stay in Demand

Criminal justice professionals will always be in demand. Police departments and corrections facilities around the country are consistently in need of highly trained professionals to care for their community. With a criminal justice bachelor's degree in South Dakota, you'll position yourself for a lifetime of job security and stability, as well as a high earning potential.

Engage Physically and Mentally

Your future career will keep you moving fast, problem-solving on the go, and thinking quickly on your feet. The combination of mental and physical stimulation will keep your job interesting and provide plenty of opportunities for continuous self-growth.

Why Earn Your Degree at Presentation College?

Presentation College is the ultimate supportive community for students as they uncover their future aspirations. Ranked as the second-best small-town college in the country, our faculty and staff go above and beyond to ensure each student feels heard. As a PC Saint, your education will be centered around your goals and dreams for the future.

We take every measure to prepare you for the career of your dreams. This preparation goes beyond the classroom and often involves internships, service-learning and networking opportunities. You'll walk off the graduation stage, diploma in hand, feeling ready to leave your mark on the world.

Our selection of online course opportunities and generous financial aid packages ensure education is available to students of all backgrounds. Take the classes you need at your convenience, with the help of our merit-based and need-based scholarships.

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Your experience as a student in the criminal justice program will be characterized by instruction and personal guidance from a faculty of experts in the field. Courses cover such areas as law, corrections, criminal theory, homeland security, law enforcement, the court system, and moral and ethical issues in criminal justice.


The PC Criminal Justice Program delivers a number of distinctive learning opportunities designed to give you a depth of understanding and hands-on training. Internships provide the ability to see the day-to-day operations of police departments, law offices, and probation or parole offices. Speakers are brought in to bring experience to the students of participants and role players in the criminal justice system. Faculty members are people who are actively involved in the fields they are teaching or retired from those fields. Therefore, the classroom environment is more than books – it involves experience derived by the faculty first-hand.


As a graduate of the program you’ll find that you have a number of professional and academic opportunities. Our criminal justice graduates typically enter the fields of law enforcement, corrections, court services, social services, the military, and homeland security, among others. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice also serves as a solid foundation for graduate study such as law school.