Athletic Training


Presentation College is not currently accepting applications for our Athletic Training program.

Athletic training is a dynamic, challenging field for individuals interested in providing essential rehabilitative care in cases of injury and other medical conditions. The athletic training program at Presentation offers extensive hands-on learning opportunities with multiple sports, and delivers knowledge across a broad spectrum of related topics and subject areas.

Presentation College’s Athletic Training Program is currently accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), 6850 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731-3101. The program has chosen to Voluntarily Withdraw its CAATE Accreditation effective December 31, 2022.

Program Costs
Once students progress to the clinical phase of the PC ATP, the student will incur additions costs in the ATP. These costs are in addition to tuition. The following costs are placed as a course fee in the fall practicum courses:

Course  Year in Program                                Fee

AT 202   Sophomore                                        $675

AT 302   Junior                                                    $275

AT 402   Senior                                                   $275


The course fees will be used to cover the following expenses (approximated):

  • $329 Apple iPad Mini (AT 202)
  • $125 Clothing costs to meet clinical education dress code (AT 202, AT 302, AT 402)
  • $80 NATA student membership (AT 202, AT 302, AT 402)
  • $35 Yearly background screen (AT 202, AT 302, AT402)
  • Any balance the student retains after completing the above expenses will be used for student travel to state, district, or national meetings; to purchase personal supplies/equipment used during student’s clinical experience; and/or purchase educational applications for the iPad Minis.


Other expenses which may be required, but are not placed in course fees include:

  • Costs associated with updated physical examination, immunizations, including annual influenza vaccination.
  • Transportation costs to clinical sites
  • Costs associated with maintaining valid emergency cardiac care certification
  • Registration, hotel, and travel costs to state, district, or national meetings/symposiums


All efforts will be taken to reduce or share any of the expenses incurred by the student.