Explore the variety of undergraduate, graduate and online academic programs available to you at Presentation College. From renowned Nursing and Health Science degrees to versatile Communication, Business and Psychology diplomas, a world of opportunity awaits. Browse our expansive programs to discover which options best fit your career goals and interests.

Undergraduate Programs

PC undergraduate programs currently include many different degrees. While we've developed a reputation for our excellent nursing and health professional programs, we also offer a variety of personalized programs in other fields, including Criminal JusticeSport and Event Management and more. Explore our variety of individualized undergraduate degrees near Aberdeen, South Dakota, to prepare for a successful career or further education.

Graduate Programs

Looking to step forward into a continued educational path? PC currently offers a graduate Family Nurse Practitioner MSN program for students with BSN licenses. Our graduate program provides an engaging, interactive and family-centered approach to learning that involves intentional one-on-one faculty mentoring.

Online Programs

With six online undergraduate programs, students can earn their chosen degrees from any location. This cost-effective, convenient option opens the gateway to learning for students of all backgrounds and means. Our available online programs include a range of Nursing degrees as well as Radiologic Technology and Healthcare Administration options.

Amazing Opportunities Await at Presentation College

At Presentation College, you’ll experience an education designed for you! With a rich intellectual and spiritual heritage — PC is a community and family created to help each student succeed in and out of the classroom. Explore what makes our academic experience unique below.

A Diverse and Supportive Community

Earn your undergraduate degree in South Dakota with the support of a tight-knit community. Small classroom sizes give students the opportunity to dive deep into their studies and build formative relationships with their professors. Ranked as the second-best small-town college in America, Presentation College is a warm and welcoming community that will become your new home.

Accessible Financial Aid

Searching for affordable South Dakota undergraduate programs? PC may be the one for you! We offer generous financial aid as well as athletic and merit-based scholarships. In fact, 98% of our students receive financial assistance! If you're interested in pursuing one of our academic programs, don't let costs hinder you — we have plenty of financial options at the ready.

Real-World Experience

PC students aren't limited to the classroom. In addition to offering individualized learning and hands-on education, we empower every student to spend time honing their skills in the real world. This practice may take the form of service-learning, work placements or internships — typically, a combination of all three. With guidance from expert faculty, PC students gain invaluable insight that prepares them to step into a world beyond the classroom.

High Standards of Academic Excellence

Whether you're interested in one of our signature health programs or choose to study Business, one thing is for sure: You'll be accessing one of the top-tier undergraduate courses in South Dakota. Thanks to an environment focused on each student's individual goals, PC graduates are ready to step into the workforce with the knowledge, tools, connections and discipline required to thrive.

Take the First Step Toward Your Future Today!

Ready to begin an exciting and enriching journey with Presentation College? You can start today by submitting a brief application inquiry form. If you have any questions about our programs, campus or educational approach, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to request more information that's tailored to your interests, or simply give us a call at 800-437-6060 to learn more. that's tailored to your interests, or simply give us a call at 800-437-6060 to learn more.