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The Presentation College Wein Gallery is honored to showcase a wide variety of artwork from artists all over South Dakota and the upper Midwest.  Our exhibit calendar runs September – August.  This can be found on the wall outside the display case, on this website, and on the back of the artist brochure.  Our Artist Lecture dates are listed on the calendars.  The Wein Gallery is located in the Southeast Building.

Special thanks to our treasured friends who generously supported our Wein Gallery Restoration Project during the summer of 2017, with a grand opening in October 2017.

Upcoming Events


  • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, M-F


  • Free Admission


  • 1500 North Main Street, Southeast Building


  • Call 229-8405 for details

"MET's Eye Seens"

Opens October 26th, 2021


Mary Trella Artist Bio:

1966 Presentation School of Nursing graduate Mary Stevens Trella has only class photos and prom pictures from her three years there and then. It was not the era of "selfies or pictures of cafeteria food" pictures pretty much were of family gatherings, vacations or entries to the State Fair of canning or prize animals. My first dabbling in photography was for a Girl Scout badge using a box brownie camera, a gift. Present Power Shot Cannon point and shoot with 40X zoom camera cost the same as a year's tuition back then. But this is still a low cost
range item with no additional carry lens. I don't have to wait 10 days for mail out developing of film rolls. The delete feature is a marvelous thing!

Retiring 44.5 years after PSN, I became a participant in five galleries in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Entries were in frames, canvases, and greeting cards. Personal use was in mugs, afghans, metal ware, calendars, and
books. My high sale was $225, my most fun shoot was 62 shots of Snoopy in costume around St. Paul, Minnesota which I did in a large collage and framed each side in a different primary color. My most unusual shoot was an in memory of a favorite tree of the widow's husband taken in all 4 seasons and sunrise. My best compliment "you have the eye."

My first award was 2 yellow ribbons from the Allentown Pennsylvania Fair. My then 10 year old daughter was with her first fish caught along the James River bank. The other was of her twirling in an early April snowstorm. Her Dr. Zhivago long coat swirled among the huge fluffy flakes.

Photography requires patience. It took me 27 attempts of photographing a bird feeding its young, produced only three good photos. This fall 33 pictures of an egret in a tree across the road from my living room netted five good pictures. My fingers went numb waiting for a bird to cross the lens with the Grand Canyon in the viewfinder.

Photography requires luck, sometimes a lot of luck. In a hot air balloon over the Sonoran desert the shadow of the balloon was a hair width between it and a saguaro cactus. Sunshine Suffused Veil in the exhibit was a breakthrough of the sun at a cloudy day wedding.

Almost One the two faces of the bride and groom caught as they rapidly walked down the aisle to meet their life was another lucky "get".

A hobby that can go the years with you, it can lengthen experiences, crystallize a time and place, bring joy to others and give us an opportunity to appreciate the beauty given to us.

ENJOY but a sampling of Met's Eye Seens photos. And, no I didn't misspell it.

Sister Anna Marie Weinreis


Sr. Weinreis’s passion and love of art and engaging with people of all ages, resulted in the Mini Gallery, which was an open gallery, from 1972-1992, when the name was changed to the Wein Gallery. Artists from throughout Aberdeen, South Dakota, and the upper Midwest exhibited beautiful art work, pottery, handmade items and photographs.  Her contribution to the arts was recognized in 1990 when the Aberdeen Arts Council awarded her with the Friends of the Arts Award.