By India Klipfel, Administrative Assistant for Admissions.

The Presentation College campus visit experience is something than cannot be found on a website, in a pamphlet, or over the phone. You don’t quite understand how green the grounds are until you walk beside them. It’s hard to see the beauty and intensity of the Avera Simulation Center without going inside and realizing you feel like you’re inside a real hospital. I have talked to many parents of students, current or future, who look on our website and ask me “does the campus really look like that?” It’s sad, in this culture, how we have to question the photos and videos we see – how we could be seeing something that is touched up or filtered, something that is trying to look better than reality.

Remembering back to the day of my Presentation College interview, I was given a campus tour by a workstudy student, and it was amazing how much she knew and how many personal experiences she could share. I remember poking my head into the cadaver lab (thank goodness for me it was void of cadavers), and met two Biology faculty. They were so excited that I was there, and it made such an impression that I was able to see them and their lab in person! That’s something that you can’t get from a virtual tour or an online photo.

Currently, new students get a personalized experience when they schedule a campus visit. The Admissions team tailors the visit to meet their needs: individually meeting with the appropriate faculty, staff, and even the athletic coach, should the student be interested in a sport. Spirit, the Saint Bernard mascot is usually there, and most students are thrilled to snuggle and stroke the fuzzy beast. I’m more of a cat lover myself, but there is enough love for Spirit on campus to go around. Another great perk of getting a campus tour is that you get your very own personalized parking sign. There was a student who visited campus this fall, and her dad parked in the wrong spot. When the student realized there was a spot marked just for her, she made sure her dad moved the car and several pictures were taken. It’s so nice to be more than just a number, and Presentation College really tries to make that happen.

If you ever find yourself in Aberdeen, SD, and are wanting to see more of campus and how things are looking around Presentation, schedule a campus visit! There are many current students eager and waiting to give informational tours and share their experiences, as well as all of the friendly staff excited to meet new faces. Presentation College has a beautiful campus with lots to see, come visit us soon!