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Digital Campus Initiative

Presentation College’s Digital Campus Initiative is intended to better enhance the learning experience of all students. Please note the following technology requirements for attending Presentation College:

1.  All degree-seeking students are required to have a laptop.
2.  All laptops must meet the required specifications.
3.  All laptops must be registered online with the Presentation College Help Desk.


Additional information on the requirements:

1. All degree-seeking students are required to have a laptop.

a.  ONLY PC Virtual students have the option of a laptop OR a desktop.

b  Students are highly encourage to purchase their own laptop that meets the requirements below. Students may also order a laptop through Presentation College by deducting the purchase price from their financial aid account (if receiving a sufficient refund). If ordering a laptop through Presentation College the “Laptop Order Form” located at must be completed and returned at least three weeks BEFORE the first day of classes.


2. All laptops must meet the following required specifications.

a.  All laptops must meet the following hardware requirements:

Operating System Windows 7 or Windows 8
CPU Dual Core 2 GHz processor of better
Memory (RAM) 4 GB or more
Hard Disk Drive 120 GB or more
Display 12 inch or larger screen
Wireless 802.11g/n Wireless card
  Computer must be less than 4 years old.

c.  If you have questions on the hardware specifications you can email or call the Help Desk at or 605-229-8411.


3. All laptops must be registered online with the Presentation College Help Desk.

a.  Laptops must be registered online using the “Laptop Registration Form” link located at:


You must complete the online laptop registration before the first day of classes or a laptop will be purchased for you and charged to your account.


Note about Mac computers.

If a student has a Mac laptop or will be purchasing one please be aware that not all software programs at Presentation College may be compatible. The current workaround for incompatible programs on a Mac is to run a Windows virtual machine. Please be aware that it is the student’s responsibility to have and if necessary purchase a VALID copy of the Windows operating system for their Mac if required for classes. A copy of Microsoft Windows costs approximately $100-$200. Contact the Help Desk for additional details.


Additonal Software

Beginning the summer semester of 2014 Presentation College will be offering Microsoft Office 2013 as a download for students at no additional cost through Microsoft Office 365. It is highly recommended that students install Microsoft Office 2013 to ensure compatibility with faculty, staff and other student documents. Additional information and instructions on installing Microsoft Office 2013 can be found online on the Help Desk website located at:


Presentation College Help Desk

The Presentation College Help Desk provides technical assistance related to your laptop or other general technical questions. You may contact the PC Help Desk at 605-229-8411 or 1-800-437-6060, extension 8411 or email: or visit Walk‐in technical support is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The Presentation College Help Desk is located on the Aberdeen campus at room E211 of the main building.


If you have any questions at all please contact the PC Help Desk.