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Is Blackboard Learn used for all courses at Presentation College?


How did we decide on Blackboard Learn?

A group of faculty and staff were selected to evaluate the requirements of a new learning management system.  A survey was submitted to all faculty asking for their input on the functionality required.  Once these functions were documented, three learning management systems were evaluated to determine which one met the needed functionality.  Blackboard Learn scored higher in all functional areas than the other two tools.

What training is available for Blackboard Learn?

There are training sessions available to students located here.

Faculty training can be found here.

What is my login for Blackboard?

Your login for Blackboard Learn is the same login as your email.  Your password is also the same.  You can change your password in webmail, and it will change your password for Blackboard.

I have been locked out of a test, what can I do?

Blackboard will lock students out of tests for many reasons.  One reason may be that you have not saved your test for more than 90 minutes and Blackboard has timed out.  Another reason may be that you lost your internet connection during the test.  Some students experience problems with Blackboard if they have malware or viruses on their computer. Finally, you may have gone past the duration of the exam as set by your faculty, you may be kicked out.  If you have been locked out of your exam, contact your instructor and request that the test be reset.  Click on the Blackboard assistance link to locate free anti-malware and free antivirus programs.  Also ensure that you are using the most recent versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

I have received an error message when I click on an assignment or discussion in my class.

The primary reason this issue occurs is due to viruses or malware running on your computer.  Attempt the same actions from another computer to identify if the same result occurs.  If it the error message happens on multiple computers, contact your instructor of the course.  If it the assignment/discussion works fine from another computer, it is possible that you have a virus or malware program running on your PC.  Click on the Blackboard Assistance link and download/install the Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus free applications listed there.  (You may choose another program of your choice, these are suggested applications).  Have each program scan your system to remove any viruses or malware applications.