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Student Support Services


Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided on campus free of charge to assist students with a variety of needs and problems. These needs may include personal, spiritual, academic, or interpersonal guidance and direction. If necessary, the counselor may refer students for further specialized off-campus counseling, at no cost, for up to three visits per year. Drug and alcohol education and financial services counseling are also available. Contact the Campus Counselor at (605) 229-8524.

Health Services

Presentation College makes available to its students in Aberdeen and Fairmont certain health and medical care at a free or reduced cost. The primary care medical services are provided by physicians and physician assistants at Aberdeen area clinics and a Fairmont area clinic. More information is available through the Director of Student Life’s Office, (605) 229-8366.

Students needing further physician services will be referred to Aberdeen Family Physicians Clinic. Students seen at the clinic, either referred by the Nurse Practitioner or self-made appointment, will be charged for the office visit. Prior to seeing a physician, it is the student’s responsibility to inform AFP staff, by student identification card, that he/she is a PC student. The resulting charge for the reduced cost appointment may include the following lab work at no further cost: strep screen, urine analysis, urine culture and sensitivities, mononucleosis screen, complete blood count with differential and throat culture. Any other lab or radiology tests will be at the student’s expense.

Students needing testing for sexually transmitted disease or HIV may contact Brown County Community Health at 605-626-2373. The office is located at 402 S. Main, Aberdeen, S.D.