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Presentation College

Character Initiative

Mission Statement

The Presentation College Character Initiative is an integral part of the Presentation College community of learning. The Character Initiative was created to enhance the educational experience of our students through life experiences that promote leadership skills, community relations, personal development and career development.


  1. To provide leadership opportunities for the student body
    Examples include leadership opportunities through clubs, organizations, student government, student activities, and athletic programs to meet the changing needs ofthe student body.
  2. To promote personal development
    Examples include co-curricular activities to enhance life skills such as responsibility,self-discipline, work ethic, appreciation of diversity, and being a productive student and responsible neighbor.
  3. To enhance opportunities for career development
    Examples include activities to enhance partnerships within the community and to promote educational experiences.
  4. To provide opportunities to promote community relations
    Examples include educational opportunities through community projects


Presentation College requires community service hours of all students. A Volunteer Service Card (pdf) must be filled out and signed by the volunteer supervisor and your advisor and then turned into the Campus Ministry Office.

For additional information about required hours or volunteer ideas, contact the Director of Campus Ministry at (605) 229-8437 or 1-800-437-6060 ext. 8437.