• Student Government Association provides:
  • A voice for students
  • An avenue for change
  • The distribution of funds to campus clubs and organizations
  • An environment for positive feedback
  • Updates and information from Administration


Membership shall be open to any full time Presentation College student. All officers are elected by the student body each spring.


Meetings for the fall of 2016 are every Monday at 12pm in the Sister Edmund Walsh Room (room located in the back of the cafe).  All SGA meetings are open and available for any Presentation College student, faculty or staff member to attend.

2017-2018 Officers


Executive Board

President: Austin Eggl

Vice-President: Wayne Scatena

Secretary/Treasurer: William Moffet


Senior Class Senators

President: LaMour Binger

Vice-President: Mallori Rabenberg

Representative: Abigail Wahl


Junior Class Senators

President: Nathan Jones

Vice-President: Jacob Tarrell

Representative: Paul Boettner


Sophomore Class Senators

President: John Oldenkamp

Vice-President: Taylor Dubbelde

Representative: Mason Hanse


Advisor Emily Carrels
Student Activities Coordinator