Jack Kay, the Ipswich native, traveled thousands of miles to attend Presentation College. How’s that possible? After all, Ipswich is only 30 miles from Aberdeen. Because Jack is from Ipswich, in the United Kingdom.

Recruited to play soccer for the Saints, Jack had many options when it came to his higher education, including schools across Europe, and even in New York.

“I received scholarships to play soccer in Sweden and Germany, but it has always been a dream of mine to study in the States,” Jack said. “And my parents really liked the fact that it (PC) is one of the safest campuses in the nation.”

Jack, whose father is a British Ambassador at the Embassy, got a new job in Washington, D.C., allowing his family to travel to the states together.

But even within the States, Jack had many options for school and soccer, but he and his parents selected PC because it just felt like the right place for them.

Because of the size of their hometown of Ipswich, Jack’s parents didn’t exactly like the idea of their son being in a large city like New York. The small town feel and campus safety won the Kay’s over and they truly felt like PC was the best place for their son.

“My classes here are quite small and you really feel that one-on-one with your professors, which helps a great deal,” he said. “If you are having problems they know instantly who you are so they can talk to you directly and help you understand the material.”

Jack says there are many differences between Aberdeen and his hometown in the U.K., most notably the weather and food.

“My roommate is from Spain and he has made meals from his background, so I have been able to try different types of food like paella,” he said.

Jack is one of seven international players on the men’s soccer team and is what makes Presentation a rich tapestry of unique students from around the world.

While Jack didn’t have the opportunity to visit campus before committing to the Saints soccer team, he says it was the virtual tour that eventually sold him.

”The virtual tour was spot on and really gave me a good chance to see the school before even arriving,” he said.

As a business major, Jack hopes to go into finance after college, but as for now he is enjoying being a student athlete at Presentation College.