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Graduation Requirements

Residency for Graduation:

A minimum of 18 credit hours must be taken at Presentation College to meet residency requirements for the Associate degree. A minimum of 33 hours must be taken at Presentation College to meet residency requirements for the Bachelor degree. Individual petitions requesting waiver of the residency requirement must be submitted in writing to the Vice President for Academics prior to the beginning of the semester of entry. External academic credit/educational credit by examination will not satisfy the academic residency requirement.

General Graduation Requirements:

Before graduation, students must meet the following requirements:

Apply for graduation on the web site at the time designated in the academic calendar, usually at the time of registration for the final semester.

Satisfy all financial obligations with the College

Complete the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete 120 hours for a Bachelor’s degree or credits as required for a program, or 60 hours for an Associate’s degree or credits as required for a program with a minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA or as required per program; minors require a minimum of 18 credit hours.
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 30% of the degree in upper division courses for a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Meet Presentation College residency requirements of 33 credits for the Bachelor’s degree or 18 credits for the Associate’s degree: and 18 credits for a certificate program.
  • Complete all work and residency requirements pertaining to the major field (see program descriptions in the catalog).
  • Complete general education requirements.
  • Complete assessment requirements for the College and program; any students who fail to successfully complete any requirements remaining during the semester of graduation must apply for graduation in a later semester.

Technology competency

Bachelor’s degree and Associate’s degree graduates will have demonstrated, either through test scores or successful completion of appropriate coursework, competency in:

  1. Word Processing
    Formatting documents, creating headers and footers, creating and working with tables, performing general text formatting, and inserting bullets
  2. Internet Skills
    Using the Internet as a research tool, navigating the Internet, navigating using browser buttons, finding terminology, searching for information, downloading images and other files, using e-mail as communications, and using e-mail to attach files and send, and sending and receiving messages
  3. Windows
    Utilizing Windows effectively by creating folders, navigating, utilizing Help menus, and understanding terminology
  4. PowerPoint
    Utilizing PowerPoint effectively by inserting and formatting text, inserting images, resizing images, changing slide backgrounds, creating multiple slides, and changing slide layouts

Volunteer Program through Character Initiative Program:

Volunteerism is an important component of Presentation College’s extended mission statement. Students have an opportunity to give of their time and talents to God and the community through the volunteer program. It is anticipated that through this program students will enrich their understanding of the gifts and opportunities they have been given in life and that all persons have an obligation to give back to their communities.