Presentation College is pleased to announce that Avera Health is making a $1 million gift to fund the new Avera Simulation Center on campus.

“This gift is in support of future health care workforce. By supporting innovative, state-of-the-art training technology, we support quality health care in Aberdeen and throughout our region, particularly in rural communities,” said Todd Forkel, CEO and Regional President of Avera St. Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen.

The Avera Simulation Center was made possible with $1 million gift from Avera Health and a $500,000 gift from an anonymous donor. Once complete, the space will revolutionize how PC healthcare majors learn and ultimately deliver healthcare.

“Our students and their future patients are going to benefit from this simulation center,” said Dr. Sandra Welling, Dean of Nursing at PC. “This center will allow our students to hone their skills in a safe environment and practice real-world scenarios all while increasing confidence, clinical knowledge and team collaboration.”

Construction on the project is expected to begin sometime over the Christmas break with an estimated completion time of summer 2017. When completed, the center will be the premier nursing and allied health simulation center in the region.


The simulation center will contain five rooms with hospital beds and equipment, each outfitted with high-fidelity mannequins. Each room will be used to teach different scenarios, specifically set up as a trauma room, critical care/ICU room, a medical/surgical room, a pediatrics room, and an obstetrics/delivery room.


“This space will be utilized by many different academic departments,” said Dr. Margaret Huber, Presentation College President. “Obviously our nursing students will benefit from the simulation center but a great number of our allied health programs will also be able to take advantage of the space.”


Workforce development was a key factor in the collaboration on this project between PC and Avera Health as both parties understood the value a state-of-the-art simulation center could provide to current and future healthcare professionals in the rural Midwest.


“Through the Presentation Sisters, Avera shares a similar heritage with Presentation College and a similar sense of mission to serve the people of this region. We’re proud to partner with Presentation College on training future health care professionals and we look forward to seeing the positive impacts that will come as a result,” Forkel said.
“We are excited to make this project, which we have envisioned for a long time, a reality,” said Huber. “Presentation College would like to thank Avera Health for their support of our students and our shared legacy.”