January 30, 2016

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Presentation College will welcome 23 French students from Notre Dame de la Paix, in Lorient, France as part of an alternating student exchange program from February 9 to February 22.


“The primary purpose of the Notre Dame de la Paix—Presentation College Student Exchange is for students from both institutions to expand their knowledge and experience of each other’s culture and communities,” said Andrew Miller, Business Program Director. “While the academic foci will be Business Management and Communication Studies, the higher priority is for the respective institutions’ communities to engage with one another in formal and informal conversations, increased intercultural understanding, relationships and learning.”


While here the students will participate in many activities like attend classes, college activities,  sporting events, Mass and other community events. The students will also meet with local Aberdeen businesses and organizations and visit unique communities such as a Hutterite Colony and Native American Reservation.


The students will be staying in the homes of families associated with Presentation College and the exchange program.

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