April 5, 2016

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Presentation College assistant professor, and United States Sports Academy national faculty member, Marc Margolies recently took part in the Academy’s program to enhance the training of soccer administrators in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Margolies taught the Academy’s sports facilities and events management course from 19-30 March 2017, to students at the United Arab Emirates Football Association (UAEFA). The Academy played a role in the development of the Football Club Operators License Program in cooperation with the UAEFA. The agreement between the Academy, its Emirati colleagues and the UAEFA led to the development of the Football Association Academy (FAA).

The effort includes football certification programs that offer professional preparation and training designed to meet the needs of coaches, athletes, administrators and operatives in the UAE football club system. This year, the curriculum covers sports administration as well as facilities and event management.

Margolies will soon travel to Thailand, where he will teach sports facilities management to students at the Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT). The Academy is conducting its International Certification in Sports Coaching (ICSC) and International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM) programs in Bangkok, programs that have been in place more than a decade. Both certification programs prepare participants for leadership roles in sport. The ICSC program includes a wide range of coaching and related administrative skills, while the ICSM program includes management topics such as sports event planning, marketing and public relations, and facilities.

“As I travel, perhaps the easiest part of the teaching experience is connecting with the students,” Margolies said. “Regardless of the country, all students have been extremely welcoming and eager to learn. Developing these relationships in and out of the classroom and using technology to keep in touch after the class has ended has been rewarding. Thanks to social media, I am now able to follow former students on a daily basis learning even more about their lives. This allows me deeper insight into the sports culture of these countries far beyond what is discussed in the classrooms.”


To read the United States Sports Academy’s full press release please use the link below.