Because Islam is the object of so much misunderstanding, malicious and otherwise, in the public sphere, Presentation College invites you to learn about Islam and the Muslim World through an online course. Courses are offered to both degree and non-degree seeking learners.

Taught by Dr. John Anderson in Presentation College’s Religious Studies Department, this course is an exercise in how understanding Islam as a religion exists, interacts with, and functions in relation to the larger Muslim world and, more importantly, the Western world.

“This course is incredibly timely and relevant,” said Dr. Anderson. “And these conversations aren’t going away. Please join me in wrestling with what Islam is and how we, as fellow human beings and people of faith, can be responsible, informed, and compassionate participants in this most necessary dialogue.”

The opening weeks will introduce Islam—belief, practice and identity, while the second half will focus on the current state of the Muslim world, the advent of Muslim extremism occupying center stage and the question of Islamophobia.

A special feature of this term’s course is an online class discussion with course textbook author Dr. Todd Green. Dr. Green is currently embedded with the State Department in Washington, DC to address these issues.

To learn about the reduced fees for non-degree seeking students and how to register, contact or call 605.229.8424. The Course begins August 30.