Intro to me

My name is Rikki Quintero!

I’m originally from El Paso, Texas and I grew up in Aurora, Colorado. I went to high school there at Rangeview High School my freshman and sophomore year. And then I also spent two months in Anchorage, Alaska (now that is some serious cold!) Then I moved to Seattle, Washington. I graduated from Auburn Riverside high school. I play soccer here at Presentation College, and I really like it out here. I come from a military-government family background. I’m super nice and outgoing. I’m very easy-going, and I can’t wait to meet new people.

Review on Fifty Shades of Grey

The new movie Fifty Shades of Grey is very good I loved the whole plot of it it was very well done. I think it was the best one out of the three. The movie is an adult movie and for mature audiences. Even though I’m 20 years old the movie so intense I couldn’t ponder what was going on. It was so intense I was sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation. To be honest I hope they make another movie and put it in the perspective of Christian Grey because when I read the book his perspective is totally different from the perspective of Anastasia Steele. I believe you should read all four books before you see the three movies, because it gives you more understanding of what’s truly going on and what happening. But overall the movie was great and I love it and I would recommend it to anybody.

 What is leadership? I’ve been pondering this question in my head for a long time. And I still don’t understand what it means everybody has a concept of it but yet it’s still eludes me. This means so many different things but yet so many people show in so many different ways. Too many people leadership means that they control someone or a group. But to me I believe it is a beacon of light to help people find what they’re looking for. To help them guide them selves into a career path and what they’re going through. It is something that you show and know how to speak and conduct yourself in a great mentor. But also it could go bad were people abuse the leadership roles. Many people can be manipulated or passive aggressive in these roles because they believe they there way or the highway. So is leadership a good thing or a bad thing. Do you really need a title or have the confirmation of it to be a leader. Can you be a leader without someone telling you to be a leader. So is leadership to you?

For all those new coming people coming into school and trying the long-distance thing. All I got to say to you is good luck with that, prepare your heart for what’s to come the unexpected. The unexpected of new friends, school, missing home, especially if you’re an athlete your time is going to be taking up and so your significant other is going to suffer the wrath of that. I’m not saying do not do long distance but I want you to be aware and be prepared for what’s to come trust me I tried doing it and the outcome was not pretty. I wish someone would’ve told me what to expect well coming into all this. I didn’t believe that I was going to be taking over with so many great opportunities and my poor significant other was going to suffer the most. Because you won’t have as much time to talk to them as you think. Because many things will take up your time and yet they will feel left out and I’ll slowly tell you guys apart. But those who are trying to find the odds and overcome these obstacles, I tip my hat to you and wish you nothing but good luck and great fortune. Because you know way you are the lucky one and I hope your luck keeps going.

Futsal Tournament in Jamestown

We started our day at 9:30am, we were driving to Jamestown for a futsal tournament.


We play a hard team for our first game, and B was freaking out about how hard it was. It was so funny to watch.


The boys had there first game and they killed it, 12-4.


We were watching the other teams, before our next game.


We had to wait about 4 and 1/2 hours for our next game, so we were laying down.


The men’s and women’s teams 🙂

Sunday Fun-day

We started the day, attending mass


After Mass, we went to grab breakfast at Perkins


Afterwards, the girls and I watched a favorite movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”


Afterwards we decided to go to Target for some shopping. . .But first we had to be silly


We thought this was funny, because we said there are 3 types of girls… ( from tat) lazy cute,  comfy cute, cute cute.


We ended the night with Face and Hair Masks for hydration!


Girls Night!


We pick our favorite face masks.

Then we start dancing and putting on our hydrating masks!

Had to take a selfie after!

While waiting for our masks to dry, we started getting our nails ready to be painted.

Finally washed off our masks, and started painting nails!

We had one of my favorite movies on- Nacho Libre, and while some girls started nail painting, others were putting together a puzzle.

We ended a great night with soft faces, and pretty nails.




My Top 10 Favorite Throwback Songs from the 2000's
1.) Heartbreak by Mariah Carey 
Heartbreak is number one because every time I hear this song my little heart sings with the song.
2.) Obsession by Frankie j
Growing up my cousin and I listened to this song all the time!! This song just puts a smile on my face.
3.) Let me love you by Mario
I know all the words to this song!! Mario was my first crush, I love this man! 
4.) Goodies by Ciara
My older sister showed me this song growing up. This song makes me want to dance!
5.) Jenny from the block by jlo
JLo was just everything I wanted to be when I grew!! I love her so when I hear this song it reminds me when I was little.
6.) Scrub by tlc 
Scrub has a lot of girl power. The Women in this group were very influential. When this song came out it reminded women what they deserve. 
7.) What’s luv by Fat Joe 
The beat and melody of this song makes you want to just get up and dance! 
8.) Dilemma by Nelly 
The words in the melody makes everyone want to sing it to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Defiantly a classic. 
9.) Say goodbye by Chris brown
Talk about a song that will break your heart. Chris brown was at the top when he released this song that ended up makes people cry. He also has such a beautiful voice that carried out well throughout the song. 
10.) Sprong by lil bow wow 
Now if you were in love… this song was a great boyfriend girlfriend song. Cheesy and a classic. I and the world wanted lil bow wow to be a couple. 
My thoughts on moving to Aberdeen

Coming to Presentation College was the best choice I’ve ever made. I LOVE IT out here so much. Growing up I’ve moved a lot. From Texas to Colorado to Alaska, even to Seattle, Washington. I was very hesitant coming out here because my father was in the Air Force, and used to live on base out here. He told me about this opportunity, and wasn’t sure if I would like it. I had to take a chance and follow my dream to continue to play soccer. And I’m glad I did, because people out here are so nice, friendly, and welcoming. Out of all the places I’ve lived, nothing compares something out here. People actually see you for who you are, and that is such a fresh breath of air. No one can truly understand how nice it is out here. You have to come out and experience it for yourself. I’m not going to lie, yes, the cold out here is gruesome. But like anywhere you go there’s always going to be something bad. For instance, in Seattle, it does not rain all of the time, it is more of a gloomy weather. I wouldn’t let one little aspect control your decision to coming out here, because I did it. Yes, it’s cold in the winter but it’s also very beautiful in the summer, spring and fall. Right now I’ve only been here for 2 1/2 weeks and to me it feels like I’ve been here all year. I have already made so many great friends. At first, I was very scared and skeptical coming in because I’ve always been that new kid, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. To prepare myself, I always expect the worse and see what happens afterwards. But that wasn’t the case here! I was welcomed with open arms and smiles. As time went by, people showed me that they were very sincere and genuine. I’m never been in a place or situation like that. People usually don’t care about the new kids coming in, or have the time to come say hi to you or anything. Here, people talk to me and they wanted to know who I was and got to know me.  I know this might sound crazy but I fell in love with the college when I first saw it. The funny thing about it is that I never came to a visit Aberdeen before. So the first time I saw PC, was the first time I was here. And it’s so beautiful, especially going to school in the morning. I am very happy that I moved out here. So for those who are hesitant to come out to Aberdeen, South Dakota. . .just come out and give it a chance. You won’t regret it!