Intro to me

Aloha! My Name is Kilinoekealaokalehuaikeao Gora, but people call me Kili for short. I am born and from O’ahu, Hawai’i. I am a sophomore here at PC and currently major in communications. I play volleyball for the saints and absolutely love it. When I’m not in the store or wellness center, you can catch me in the library or the cafeteria. I work at the YMCA’s daycare and would recommend it to anyone else who has a love for children. When I’m home (in the islands) I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, hula, and spending time with my family. I have my mom (Sky), dad (Guy), sister (Hali’a) and brother (Ka’ipo). Once I get my degree I will go into flight attendant training and do that until I start my family.

Movie Review

This past Saturday a group of friends and I went to the local AMC movie theater and watched the very hyped up move, “A Quiet Place”. We went to dinner before the movie but of course, you can’t go to the movie theater without getting a large and extra buttery popcorn with a drink to go with it. To me that is just not right. All set for the movie, we found our seats and got comfortable. I like how the movie opened. Of course, everything was silent and gave an eerie but warm feeling. As the movie progressed, any questions I had were answered and it left me quite satisfied. If I must be honest though, the movie was not as “scary” or “thrilling” as I thought it would be. There were a ton of commercials raving that “A Quiet Place” would be one of the most seat-gripping, breath-holding, films of the year. Thought there were a few moments in the film where the pop-ups caught me a tad bit by surprise, it was a far cry from horrifying. I should have known how quiet the theater itself would be as well. I am the annoying friend who laughs really loud and often too long when something funny happens in a movie. I am also the friend that always has a question or comment during a movie. This movie was not one where I could talk as freely as I usually do. It was literally quiet throughout the movie and whenever I made a slight noise, I felt like a huge disturbance to the whole theater. So heed my advice, if you are like me and love voicing your opinions during movies, don’t go to the theater and watch this one and if it is really necessary to go, keep a bag of popcorn at hand to stuff your mouth whenever you feel like saying something. I very much enjoyed it though. I am a sensitive person and one seen in the movie really made me cry, but not in a way that I hated the film for including that specific scene. It was more as if the filmed touched all my emotions ever so slightly that I left that night very happy. I would give “A Quiet Place” a good three and a half out of five stars. The only thing I wish was different was that it would be more scary.

Skin Care Routine

So this past semester I really got in to bettering my life in as many ways as possible and a huge problem I thought I should get solving is my skin. I have always had oily skin and though my acne has been less prevalent since my pubescent years, I still deal with it on a daily basis. I recently ventured to Walmart and bout some products that will hopefully work for me!


Burt’s Bee’s Towelettes: I just bought these for the first time a couple weeks ago. I rarely wear makeup but when I do, I usually am really lazy by the time to take it off comes. These make the process simple.


Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser: I have recently found out that foaming cleansers aren’t really good for skin so once I run out of this bottle I will probably try something new. So far however, I feel it has been worked for me as far as I know.


Thayer’s Toner: I’m not really sure what toner really does, but I know since I have been using it that my skin has had a bit of a natural glow that wasn’t there before.


Face masks: The three small ones are from Walmart and came with a mask applicator. The Freeman mask is also from Walmart and it is a peel off mask. I do one of these every two days.


Burts Bee’s acne solution: Salicylic Acid is great for and this spot treatment showed a noticeable difference after the first two days of use.


E.L.F. Moisturizer: I feel like my skin is way more hydrated and soft after using this. I also have oily skin and this moisturizer doesn’t add to that problem unlike a lot of the other moisturizers I use do.


Netflix Shows Reviews

Nap Time!

I love college. You have classes here and there during the day with hours in between (sometimes). At least for me, I use those hours in the best way I know how: napping. Here are my favorite places to nap on campus, when I am too lazy to walk to the dorms.


This is our team locker room for volleyball. This is always a last resort nap station. It’s in the gym and I only go in there when my other options are full.


The next three places are couches in the library/CLC. Of the three, I only use this couch when the other two are occupied. Plus, there are rarely any people inside the actual CLC so that leaves it open for me to snore as I please.


The two green couches in the library are great for napping with a friend. You get one couch and they get the other. Here’s an example of two students utilizing the couches for just that reason.


Here is my favorite couch to nap on. It’s in the library but I recommend putting a jacket under your head because your favorite school mascot, Spirit, also loves to have a little siesta in this spot once in a while.


The last place on my list is the couch in the women’s bathroom in the southeast building. It’s super comfortable in there and it may seem a little weird at first, but you’ll get over it. The key to taking a nap at school is not caring if someone is going to see you or not. As long as you get that nap in so you can power through the rest of your day.

Flying Standby

This past St. Patty’s weekend I decided to visit my family while they were in Colorado for my sister’s volleyball tournament. My mom told me about a month ago that it would be very expensive and it was just for the weekend so she would try to have me go standby. At that moment, I missed my family so much I would do anything to spend the weekend with them, so I agreed to go and fly standby. When the week to leave came up I was so ready to leave. I mean, I still waited till the night before to pack all my things because that’s just how I like to pack. I stayed up all night the night before my flight. Keep in mind, I had a long day. I had to lift in the morning, classes from 9-2 (I didn’t get lunch because I went to mass), practice from 3-5 and then I rushed my busy butt to the YDC for an hour of work. And by work I mean supervising energetic two year olds. I love my job but on my busier days it can get a little rough. That night while I was packing I decided that since the flight was at 5 am the next day, I was not going to go to sleep at all. I figured since the flight was at 5, I needed to be at the airport by 4 so I would’ve had to wake up at 3 to get ready. It was already 11:30 by the time I finished packing so I thought it was a no-brainer decision. I watched movies, ate some snacks and washed clothes and sure enough 3 am came around pretty quickly. I woke up my roommate, Diana, to take me to the airport. I was so excited. I got my standby ticket, went through security and sat, waiting for my name to be called. The flight was full. I tried staying positive and telling myself “don’t worry, you’ll get on the next one” which was at 1 pm. Diana came and got me and I ended up going to work until 11:30. This flight had more open seats so I thought for sure this was it, my chance. Went through security again just to find out I was one person away from getting on the plane. I was crushed. I lady at the desk told me I could try the 5 am flight the next day as well. I went to practice, ate dinner, then knocked out from the long day. Wake up the next morning at 5:02 to a text from my mom asking if I got on this 5 am flight. I totally missed it. The crushed feeling I had the day before was multiplied by 100 and I cried for a good hour and a half. I ended up getting on the 1 o’clock flight later that day but this experience taught me a very important lesson: next time, just buy the ticket.

Roadtrip Playlist

Before I get started, these are just the songs I like best when I’m driving on the road for long periods of time. I tried to keep this list as PG-13 as possible while including my favorite songs to jam out to. In my opinion, songs to listen to while driving for hours should make a person energized for the miles of roads in front of them.

1. Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne: I think anyone my age or around it can go hard to this song. If you have ever had a crush on someone who was already dating someone else even though you knew you were the perfect girl for them, this is the song for you.

2. My Humps- The Black Eyed Peas: To me, this song gets me energized telling boys that no, you should keep yourself away. Unless you are my man, but you still gotta work hard for my loving.

3. Bootylicious- Destiny’s Child: Whenever I go on a road trip, I eat a lot of snacks which gets me feeling extra thicc. This song goes hard with a bag of chips in my hand. I love this song because if a man don’t like all of you , he just does not deserve you.

4. Baby- Justin Bieber: This song is the ultimate banger of Justin Bieber’s career. He will never make anything that exploded as much as this song did. If you can’t scream the lyrics of this song with me then you can walk to your destination.

5. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry: Most of the world knows what teenage love feels like. We all can relate deeply to that wonderful feeling of young love and reminisce on our own experiences. Young love

6. Ride Wit Me- Nelly ft. City Spud: It’s an upbeat song about taking a ride. Riding with a buddy to sing this song with would be preferred.

7. 679- Fetty Wap ft. Monty: The chorus alone gets me super hyped. Every “yeaahhhh baby” is just a little extra plus that is Fetty Wap’s trademark. I think I know every word to this song by heart now.

8. What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction: One Direction took up a huge part of my life. I was obsessed with them for over 3 years so of course they’re songs will always hold a special place in my heart. This song gives me hope that I’ll find the love of my life who makes me feel beautiful.

9. Life is A Highway- Rascal Flats: Since the drive from Aberdeen to anywhere mostly consists of driving on highways, I felt my reasons for choosing this song was obvious.

10. Don’t Cha- Pussycat Dolls: Another song about a guy who is already in a relationship with someone but you still think you’re better than their actual girlfriend. This song helps me to cope when my exes move on :,)

Fifty Shades Movie Review

On Tuesday, February 20 (fun fact: also Rihanna’s birthday), my best friend, Diana and I went to the AMC theatres to watch the heavily hyped movie, Fifty Shades Freed. The movie came out earlier in the month but D and I were anxious to watch it since we saw the sneak peak in February of last year. We tried to go last week Tuesday but the line was almost out the door with people waiting to purchase tickets for the same movie. We were told the seats were sold out and we can try again another day. Being the cheap, broke college students we are, we waited a whole week until another Tuesday came along and it was only five dollars per ticket. This time we made sure to arrive at the movie theatre half an hour before trailers, just to be safe. We got the best seats and necessities (a large popcorn and ice) and were ready for the movie. For whomever it may concern, stop reading if you have yet to see the movie, SPOILER ALERT. The movie opened nicely, and just as I predicted; Ms. Steele becomes Mrs. Grey. The wedding was extravagant and the honeymoon was amazing. From there on the movie was in lack of a better word, “ehh”. There was a plot but it was too choppy and it didn’t flow well. They went from honeymoon, sex scene, random stalker guy, sex scene, a proposal, sex scene, etc. The plot was predictable and I couldn’t help but be irritated with Anastacia the entire time. I know it’s a movie but she made some of the worst decision throughout the movie. Christian hired bodyguards for her safety, she promises to stay safe and once he leaves for a business trip she goes out drinking just to come home to the stalker awaiting her with a knife. Then all of a sudden she just gets pregnant and her sister in law is kidnapped? Like come on. There was no real flow from scene to scene and I was stuck between liking the movie and feeling like I wasted fourteen dollars. Of course, in the end everything works out for the filthy rich and it is a happy ending for the Grey family. They fast forwarded maybe three or four years into the future so we could see Anastacia and Christian living happily with their child and she’s pregnant again. They’re in their enormous back yard of they’re probably ten bedroom mansion. Once the screen blacked out all I remember was feeling so broke and sad because I will never have that much money. This fact also made Diana and I laugh. I would give the movie two stars and would not recommend it unless someone was really heart set on seeing it themselves. It really is only my opinion anyway.

Basic Blizzard

Snow is something I’ve never really had to deal with at home, obviously. Before coming to PC, the only time I dealt with snow was when I was on vacation and that would only last a week at most. This winter has been one of the coldest I have had to endure and it doesn’t look like it will be warming up anytime soon, but thankfully, compared to years past, there hasn’t been a ton of snow. I have heard that usually, in Aberdeen there is a pretty even mixture of snow and cold winds, but this winter has been all wind and slight chances of sleet here and there. Well boy that was not the case this week. Mother nature had a surprise in store for the Aberdeen community. She teased us on Valentines Day with a beautiful, 40 degree weathered day. That pretty picture surely changed 24 hours later. It snowed two or three times since that warm day and let me tell you, it has not been easy. It felt much like I would imagine Antarctica to feel on a daily basis. Cars got snowed into place, people got stuck, and walking to class was even more difficult until they decided to plow the path. Even though this is my second year being here and my second time braving the winter, the snow is still something that is new to me. Especially living in the North suites and walking the long and freezing path to school. I am not used to having to walk through cold and fluffy white clouds just to get to class. I’m usually walking through warm sand to get to the water, so it feels a tad bit different than that. By the time I get there, my feet are cold, my hands are frozen and my face is as red as a cherry if I don’t wear enough layers. Unfortunately due to my inability to wake up on time, that is usually the case. Despite the amount of snow that fell during the week, the college refused to cancel classes! High schools around the area had a two hour late start, and some were even cancelled… but not PC. There I was, dragging myself out of bed and bundling up just to make it to class. I don’t have a car here, but I couldn’t even imagine trying to drive when a storm like this hits. Sometimes I wish I had a vehicle to get around town, but not right now. I would probably have a panic attack driving through town. Then again I am just being dramatic. To be honest, the weather has been warmer with snow because apparently in past weeks it was “too cold” to snow. Like how? Snow storms cause lots of chaos on campus, but living in South Dakota? it’s something we’re all going to have to deal with. At least the Suites are finally plowed and the heaters work nicely. Catch me in my room watching Grey’s Anatomy till the weather learns how to act right.

East Peazy Meal

In Hawai’i, a very popular dish for locals and tourists are loco mocos. It is very simple and budget friendly, therefore perfect for any college student.


– Hamburger (however much your heart desires)

– 1 egg (per hamburger patty)

– Rice

– McCormick Brown Gravy

– Seasonings


Place meat in a bowl and add desired seasonings. I usually cut up a clove of garlic but I didn’t have any so I used garlic powder. Mix in the seasonings with your hands and shape the meat into a patty. Cook it in a pan on the stove and then the patty is set.

Depending on how many servings, you’ll need one cup of rice. It takes almost 30 minutes for the rice to get done so I should’ve made this first. While the rice is cooking, fry the egg and make the gravy. The instructions for how to make the gravy on the back of the packet.

Put the rice on a plate. Then place the hamburger on the rice, the egg on the hamburger and then pour the gravy all over.

Final step: mop the plate cause this meal slaps.