Intro to me

Hello, my name is Dalton Peterson, and I am from Cozad, Nebraska. I am a sophomore at Presentation studying Communications. I came to PC to do radio broadcasting for the Saints football team and have been a part of that both of my years here. At home I live with my parents and my dog. Some of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, listening to music, and anything to do with food. I hope to get my degree from PC and become a sportswriter or work in television and radio.

Starbucks Review

I started coming to Starbuck’s a few weeks ago to do my studying and homework, and I must say that the results have been quite helpful.  In the PC facility, there are some good places to study, such as the Library and Java City, but I always found myself distracted and not getting all my work done.  Here at Starbuck’s I have not had these problems.  It is a work friendly atmosphere where you can get a coffee or drink and sit in a booth and grind out those papers like no other.  My personal preference when I patronize the establishment is the Venti Americano, which is just a double shot of espresso with water mixed into it.  Once I get one of these bad boys pumping through my veins, work just flies by without a problem.  You won’t find a place with a more comfy feeling for focusing, and they have free wi-fi as well.  Overall I would say that Starbuck’s is a very college friendly place that excels at creating an environment to help anyone with their tasks.  My final rating for it is a 9/10, only because Caribou Coffee has better coffee but a less useful work environment.