Intro to Me

My name is Christian Johnson. I am currently in my second semester as a student athlete at PC. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997. In 2003, my mom and I moved to Arizona, which is where we still live. I have three little brothers; Brayden, Kaleb and Eddie. I have two dogs; Chloe who is my Black Labrador and Toby, who is our Bull Mastiff mixed with Rottweiler. The organization I am involved with here at PC is the baseball program.  I am curious and excited to see what opportunities this semester has to offer.

Thank You

Thank you Coach Angel and Q! When I think about my path to getting me here, Presentation College’s baseball team, there are many people that I need to thank; my mom, Kevin, my grandparents, all of my aunts and uncles along with my cousins, my friends and my coaches. There are also two other people that I have to thank, that is my friend and roommate Q as well as Coach Angel. Coach Angel guided me throughout my high school baseball days, he was very supportive and helpful. Then there’s Q, he came here to school before me and talked to me about the opportunity and how great the school was, he convinced me that I need to come here and give baseball a shot. I am grateful for him and for Coach Angel’s support with my decision, it has been a good time and I am enjoying being on the team and all that I am learning. Thank you Coach Angel, Q and my new baseball family!


Visiting Home

As I drove down from Tucson to Tempe, which is home, while we were in Arizona for the baseball tournament, I thought about the rollercoaster that is supposed to be built in Casa Grande. I thought about it because I felt that I was riding on one as I drove home. My feelings were up and down like the ride, I was excited about going home, seeing my family and friends, but then not so excited. I kind of felt like if I didn’t see them, it would be easier to leave on Saturday, I wouldn’t miss home or them as much. Once I got home, it was great. My family, including aunts and cousins, as well as close friends were there to greet me. It was a great night of food and fun, we got to catch up and I was able to share with them about my college experiences thus far. The roller coaster ride no longer seemed as bad, it was still difficult to leave but it was much better having been able to see them all and spend time with them, even if the ride was short. As I drove away on Tuesday night and flew away on Saturday, I remembered the roller coaster again and reminded myself that I am going to enjoy the ride and get back in line and ride the roller coaster again soon.

Baseball Season is Here!

FINALLY, Baseball season, here we go! We may not hear the 7th inning stretch song, Take Me Out To the Ball Game, but we are ready to go! It is crazy to think that it is almost spring time and baseball season is already beginning. When I look around and see all of the snow around us and feel the bitter cold, it is hard to imagine that it is baseball time. I am very excited about the season and for our hard work to be put on the field. It has been an exciting journey and I hope that I am able to bring nothing but good to our team. Remember, even though we are not singing take me out to the ball game, don’t forget to come out to the ball game because BASEBALL SEASON IS HERE!c3

Dutch Bros.

OMG, Dutch Bros., this is the best! This is a coffee house, but there are many different drinks that are offered, from coffees, teas and smoothies to energy drinks, chocolate milk and pastries. It is crazy how long the lines are, I normally do not like to wait in line for much, as I am not a very patient person, but this is a line that I do not mind waiting in, no matter how long. When I go to Dutch Bros., depending on my mood, I will get a chocolate milk, which is the best, a mango smoothie, a dinosaur egg rebel or a vanilla freeze. They have the best people working there, they are all very nice and talkative, I would like to work there but I am not very talkative, so I don’t know how well I would do. If you are ever in Arizona, Oregon, Washington, California,, Idaho or Nevada, make sure you find time to stop in and try a Dutch Bros. drink, you will not regret it.


I AM FREE! I remember when I could go out and run free with not a worry in the world. I remember feeling as though getting to the top of the mountain was my victory. That was before my school days. I did not have to be responsible for keeping a schedule nor worried about maintaining my grades. I am grateful to be where I am at, but it can definitely be challenging. I am excited that baseball season has started, because it is what I love to do and I feel as though I have not a worry in the world when I am on the field and playing ball. Baseball is definitely one thing that helps me to feel as though I can throw up my arms and say I AM FREE!


Little Brother

Brayden is my little brother. He is 7 years old and in the first grade. I just saw him over spring break, he was at the baseball field for a couple of games. It is funny to see him again, I cannot believe how much he has grown since I left in January, maybe he hasn’t, but being gone and not seeing him every day, makes it seem as though he has. He is funny, he likes to talk a lot, which sometimes drives me a bit crazy, but he says a lot of interesting things. He knows so much about dinosaurs, and if you get him started, he will go on forever. He is learning Spanish in school, it is cool to hear him speak in Spanish. He is also playing baseball, he likes to play catcher and outfield. He says he wants to be like his big brother, I think that is cool, it makes me laugh sometimes when I think about him wanting to me like me. As much as I say he sometimes can be a pest, Brayden is my little brother and he is pretty cool.



Oh am I hungry. These are some of my favorite places to eat. I love the orange chicken at Pei Wei, it is very tasty. The chicken nuggets and the waffle fries at Chick-fil-A are amazing. I love how the ketchup fills up the gaps in my waffle fries. Then there is the amazing burger and shoestring fries at In-N-Out. The burgers are messy and sloppy, especially with the secret sauce they put in them, but I don’t care, they are so good. Oh and I cannot forget Cane’s. They have huge chicken fingers and I am not a coleslaw person, but it tastes very good. And speaking about secret sauces, their dipping sauce for their chicken fingers is to die for. I know that these are probably not the healthiest places for me to eat but when I am hungry and able to get these delicious foods from these places, I am not going to turn away the opportunity, I love them, they are delicious!


The AMA Supercross Championship is an American racing series that was founded in 1974. The indoor dirt bike races are held every Saturday for a five-month period, January through May. Throughout the years, Supercross has become more popular as it gains hundreds to thousands of new followers and fans. Each race is located in a different city, including Anaheim, San Diego, Glendale, Tampa, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis. The final and biggest race is in Las Vegas and held on May 5. Each race is televised but any fan would tell you being there in person is so much better. Television doesn’t accurately showcase the obstacles riders must negotiate every lap like the whoop sections and the triple jumps which riders normally clear in a single leap of 70 feet. Television can’t capture the pungent smell of race fuel that makes your eyes water as it fills the arena. Anticipation is felt in each spectator’s racing heartbeat as all eyes are on the starting gate. Almost every fan dreams about being at the Las Vegas race to watch their favorite rider take home the Monster Cup. There are two divisions that compete each Saturday night; the lights or 250 SX Class and the 450 SX Class. Each rider is placed into a division based on what bike they ride. If they ride a 450cc four-stroke bike, then they will be racing in the 450SX and vice versa. There are eight races during each event: 250SX Heat 1, 250 SX Heat 2, 250SX Last Chance, 450SX Heat 1, 450 SX Heat 2, 450SX Last Chance, 240 SX Main, and 450SX Main. Each race is timed differently and each track has a different layout as 22 riders battle it out to cross the finish line in first, second, or third place. Each place is given a different amount of points and those points add up throughout the 17 different races. For example, 1st place receives 26 points, 2nd receives 23, 5th – 18 points, 8th – 15 points and so on. It is important to maintain a first, second, or third spot as those receive the most points. At the end of the final race in Las Vegas, the points leader will take home the Monster Cup and possibly one million dollars if all three heat races are won by the same rider.

Meet Q

Qadar “Q” Njuguna is a student athlete who is currently attending Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Qadar was born on November 13, 1998 and has lived most of his life in Chandler, Arizona. Q comes from a family of five, who consist of his parents and his two sisters; Asada, 22 and Zahnaara, 14. Qadar attended elementary school in the Kyrene School District, in Tempe, Arizona and then went on to Marcos de Niza high school, also in Tempe, where he graduated in 2016. All through is school-aged years he played a variety of sports, but his favorite was baseball. In high school, Q played baseball for three of his four years. Once Q graduated high school, he began his new journey, which started with him attending Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona. While he began his new journey, it did not include him playing baseball for the school, however, he did play for a baseball club team. His being a part of and playing for the club baseball team gave him opportunities for exposure to potential colleges. Through his playing with the club team, Q received a few offers to go to school to play for their baseball team. After considering some of the other offers, Qadar chose Presentation College because they had the most to offer him with regards to opportunities and financial assistance. Q is living his passion as he currently plays baseball for Presentation College and his position on the team is a pitcher. Qadar is currently in his fourth semester at Presentation College where he has chosen to major in communications. With this major he is hoping to follow a career as a sports broadcaster, where he can continue his passion of sports. When Q is not on the field practicing or playing baseball, which is rare, then he is enjoying one of his few hobbies. One of his hobbies is to

exercise and work out. He does this not only to keep fit and be baseball ready but also because it helps keep him focused and relaxed. Another hobby of his is playing video games, which he does also to relax himself. Qadar Njuguna will continue with his passion of baseball as he receives his education here at Presentation College with hopes to follow his career choice of broadcasting for different sporting events, maybe even baseball games.

My Early Mornings

5:40am… My alarm goes off. It is time for our 6am workout. The hardest part is getting out of bed, but it is definitely better to go and be on time than not go. The consequences are much worse than just doing what you are supposed to do. That is one of the main challenges for me, waking up and getting there on time. Another challenge is me not being a morning person, so I have no motivation to really do anything that early in the morning. I have to find that motivation in me and put it towards working out. Something else I have a struggle with is being in class and being aware of what is going on all the time because I am so tired. That is something I can control by just going to bed early, but I just don’t do it, why?… who knows.

College Life

As I sat and thought about what to write about, I came up blank. I know that my writing does not have to be about a specific topic and that I can write about anything but I just do not know what to do. The only thing that comes to my mind right now is how frustrated and confused I am. I am not sure that this is where I want to be. I know that I want to play baseball, which is something that I have always wanted to do, it is a dream of mine since I was a little boy, but I am not sure how I feel about school. I know that I need my education, it is important and if I want to be successful in life, it will be something that will help me towards my success, but I just feel overwhelmed. I am not sure if I am feeling this way about school because I am unsure of what I want to do, and I feel as though I have to have some idea. I am not sure if I am feeling like this because I do not really like the classes that I am currently taking, and I am not sure if it is even that I do not like the classes, but if it is more that they are a lot of work and I do not know how to get it all done and stay on top of everything. I think I am feeling the pressure and it is not a feeling that I have ever really had. I have never really had to manage my schedule like this, school, assignments and baseball practices. I did all of this before in high school and when I was in junior college, but for some reason it is different here. I am not sure that this is the best place for me right now. I know that my mom will be upset with me too, which I do not want, but I also think that if I stay, I will not be able to handle it all, I will not do well and then I would have wasted the semester and all of the money that comes with it. So, as I still sit here, I know this is probably not what I am supposed to be writing about, but this is how I am feeling right now and because I had to write about something, I decided to write about this. I just do not know what to do at this point in my life, and it is a weird feeling, because I have never felt like this and never known what to do. I hope I can figure this out sooner than later and I also hope this feeling goes away, it is not a good feeling to have.