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Qadar Njuguna

My name is Qadar Njuguna. I’m from Chandler, AZ. My family is from Atlanta and Chicago. I have no pets. I play baseball for PC. I’m looking forward to this semester.

2K18 Review

With the new release of 2k18 comes many new additions to previous 2k17. One of the newest and most anticipated things added is The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is a part of the MyCareer section of the game. It gives players the chance to run around a metaphorical neighborhood alongside other players from around the world. You can go into shoe stores, barbershops, customize your own shirts, and you can even go into your agent’s office and interact with him. It honestly makes you feel like you’re living as a professional basketball player. 2k’s biggest rival is the game NBA Live, but 2k has a long reputation of getting more sales than its competition and this year nothing has changed. Along with the great new MyCareer, you can also play regular games with the wide variety of teams. Just like its predecessor you can choose from current NBA teams, Classic NBA teams. But in the new game 2k has introduced All Time NBA teams. These All Time teams are made up of the top players to ever play for that specific team. This is a great way to play with the talent of old and new. I highly recommend you give 2k18 a try. It doesn’t cost much at the local stores in town, but if you just wanted to try it out they have a free demo version online.


This Thanksgiving I went to Milwaukee, WI to visit my dad. We did quite a few things. When I first got into town it was around 3 a.m and I was starving. We went to this place called George Webb’s. It’s a 24 hour breakfast place that, in my opinion, has some of the best omelets I have ever had in my life. After that we headed over to his house and I passed out. I had just got done with a day full of travelling. The day before I started my journey to the bus station right down the street a little ways behind McDonalds. We took a small van for around 2 hours until we stopped at the next station and moved to a larger bus with much better seats and Wi-Fi. The next bus took me from Sioux Falls to Milwaukee and that was a long 7 hour bus ride which consisted of me sleeping for all of it. When I was with my dad we cooked Thanksgiving dinner and we made turkey, mac and cheese, brisket, collard greens, potato salad, and much more. It all tasted so good. Coming back to Aberdeen after that great break is definitely hard and I think that hardest part is that there are no more leftovers.

Offseason with PC Baseball

The Fall Semester is coming to an end. Which means that the baseball season is about to start up and the offseason is nothing but conditioning and weights. Presentation Baseball is coming off a 6-18 conference record which was just enough to get them into the playoffs, where they were eliminated in a 10 inning game by Dickinson State. They have also started this year with a few new coaches. Michael Dahl taking up the mantle as the new head coach. Along with Ryan Barker and Lane Hovde, who are recent graduates and alumni of the program, becoming the new assistant coaches. As you all know with new coaches comes a new program style and this was definitely the case for the Saints.

Lots of sports require cardio but many feel like baseball requires the most due to the length of an average game being around 3 hours and you have to be ready at all times. With that comes a gruesome offseason conditioning regimen that Coach Dahl has placed upon his players. Every week on Monday and Wednesday the Saints meet at the predetermined field or area to condition. Depending on your previous life choices you can either be prepared for the workout or it’s going to be one of the worst hours of your life but either way you’ll end up sore in the morning.

Baseball is one of those sports that many people feel like it doesn’t require much weight lifting or training and that’s not the case. Hitters like Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, and Giancarlo Stanton don’t just hit home runs from sitting on the couch watching television. Pitchers like Nolan Ryan, Aroldis Chapman, and Justin Verlander don’t throw 100+ mph for nothing. They go to the gym and put up some weight. Every week the Saints are in the weight room from 3:15-5:15 p.m on Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday getting big with a strength week, an endurance week, a power week, and a recovery week. By the time the season comes Coach Dahl will have the team in great shape to start the season off strong and better than last year.

Fall Season

The leaves are starting to fall and that means the winter is on its way so get out your big coats and bundle up.


This is the view looking towards the North Suites. You can see the change in the color of the leaves.

This is the look out of the CLC window. Which is a very great view while studying for those big exams!

Battle of the Suites

Many incoming students don’t know it yet, but there is an ongoing battle between students who prefer to live in a certain suite rather than the other. The suites I am referring to are the East suites, which are typically for new students (freshmen, transfer, etc.), and the North suites, which are for returners. The differences between the two aren’t much, but they are some pretty important points.

The East suites were built very recently, so the appliances are much newer. The rooms are split down the middle with two bedrooms and a bath on each side of the dorm, with a kitchen/living room area in the middle. Laundry is just a few steps away from your room, along with a lounge area equipped with a stove and oven. Being that the East suites are on campus, it’s easier and faster to get around. The gym is right by the East suites, and when the dome is up, it’s even closer. Because freshmen live there, it’s usually a high-energy environment, especially for the first few months, due to the fact that they are new to the college experience. There are many socials hosted by the Community Advisors (CAs) that are held in the lounge areas, too.

The North suites are a little older, and it’s more of a quiet dorm style. The suite includes a stovetop, but no oven, which allows you to cook in your suite, rather than in a common room. There are no common lounge areas. Parking at the North suites is a little easier because the parking lot is more convenient to the buildings. It also helps to have access to the parking lot from a city street, rather than through another parking lot. Driving to the North suites is less crowded, so there is less of a chance of you getting into an accident. To park at the East suites, you have to drive through other parking lots on campus. The North suites are a little bit off-campus, but students overcome that by riding bikes, scooters, or driving to school. It takes about 2 minutes to bike, or 5 minutes to drive.

Personally, from living in both, the biggest difference I feel is that if you’re a quiet, keep-to-yourself type of person, then North is your best option, but if you like to be around everyone and the excitement, then East is the one for you.

Winter is Coming

When I first came here, it was in the start of the Spring 17 semester. Coming from Arizona in the winter time is definitely a major change that I would warn any Arizonian about. I lived in the AZ for all my life, so I’ve never experienced a true winter. It also doesn’t snow in my hometown, so being in Aberdeen gave me my first experience with snow. People here, on the other-hand, are very used to this. They have the big winter jackets ready for the snow, and some trucks even have snow plows on the front. This is all stuff that I would see in movies and wonder what it was like. My younger sister and I would joke and say that the places where it snowed had to be in a completely different country. We didn’t understand how it could snow everywhere but Arizona. Although, now I have proof to send back home to her, and prove that our earlier thoughts were very much wrong.

The Struggle of Student-Athletes

Not many people can fathom what being a student athlete means or all the behind the scenes work. Not only do we have to balance the life of a normal college student, but we also have to fit in study hours, practice, weight lifting, and any other extra work we put in. I know from my case I am working to make it to the Pros so I put in a lot of extra work. However,  that sometimes can hinder me with homework or study tables. But I know that some athletes that are playing in college are only doing it to help pay their tuition. Now this is not a bad thing because college is expensive, and I wholeheartedly agree that you should find any way to pay for the expenses. So if you’re only doing this to help pay, then by all means, do you.

Local Mall

Many people that come to Aberdeen for college are not aware that there is a mall in town. Well, believe it or not there is. It is located on 6th Ave right across the street from Walmart. Inside, there aren’t as many stores as city folk are used to, but it still gets the job done. They have three department stores which are Sears, Kohl’s, and Herberger’s. A total of four shoe stores that give you nice variety of shoe choices. Another store that appeals more to the athletes is Dunham’s. Where I’m from we have Dick’s Sporting Good, so it’s a smaller version but seeing as it’s the only sporting good store in town, it’s kind of the only choice you have. One of my favorite food places in the mall is Stir Fry 88, which is very close to an authentic Chinese place.

Wiley Park

Shouts of joy and laughter are a constant at Wiley Park. Many children from the local elementary schools and middle schools visit it on a daily basis. They have many attractions that can appeal to people at any age. Some examples being Arts and Crafts classes, Dance, Aquatics, Baseball and Softball fields for games or just some fun, Golf courses, Tennis courts, Senior citizen activities, etc. A big attraction is also Storybook Land, which is a one-of-a-kind destination in Aberdeen. Your entire family will love the life-size characters and interactive scenes pulled right from the pages of dozens of beloved nursery rhymes and stories. But make sure your phone is charged because this free park offers tons of awesome backdrops for your best family getaway pictures yet. Wiley Park is located at 2310 24th Ave just on the outskirts of town.