About me


My names Makenna Welling or Mj (Mj is because my middle name starts with a J). I am a junior in the communications major. I am from Michigan originally i moved here for school two years ago. I currently work at hobby lobby and have been for two years but need a different job. I live with my older sister, our two bearded dragons kinechi and pepper, my two rats nala and kiya and our dog tula at our new house. I have a rather large set of crafting and art skills, ranging from jewelry to digital painting. I enjoy spending time and taking care of the pets, love listening to hard rock, and flying out to New York whenever possible.

Getting used to the winter?

Now that ive been living in Aberdeen for a few years now (im from Michigan). I can definitely say that the winter is not that bad. Sure it gets really really cold and some snow but I don’t think its too bad of a trade from inches to feet of snow in Michigan. Its easier to drive in and probably a little safer too. I think that from the different weather it makes a little more enjoyable to be outside in the colder months. I enjoy photography and don’t have many snowy pictures but never ventured outside because well, theres like 3 feet of snow to trudge through and its hard to get a good shot if have of it is covered.

Lockdown Drill

So remember that lovely lockdown drill we had recently?..at like 9 in the morning? I didn’t have class until the afternoon but I was up. Nothing like hearing your phone go off in different forms of cell phone communication about 3 times while your trying to sleep…loudly and often. Obviously its not a bad thing, I think that having that kind of security measures is good and modern but nobody likes to be waken from their sleep.

Christmas is coming

As we approach Christmas the more and more presents seem to pile up and you feel like you’re running out of time to make them but its always worth it in the end to see the look of their face when they open the present you made or got them. That is my most favorite part of Christmas. I am the person who loves to make the present instead of buying it because to me its obviously more of a thoughtful gift to give and I know that it makes a person feel special, loved, and warm to look at this gift and go “hey, this was made specifically for me”. I honestly wouldn’t care one bit if I got nothing and made everyone else a present and just watch the expressions and makes me feel great because I know that what did made them smile and feel great too. And that is what I believe is the real Christmas, not just for gift but to show that you are loved.

Pepper, My little dragon

Secret World Legends Basics

Black Desert Online Character Customization Review

My pet rats doing tricks

Happy Leftover Day!

We had a wonderful thanksgiving, in fact we loved leftovers so much we had two parties. One at my folks and the other at our own house which are the pictures you see (aside from the doggos, they were not food but they were supervising and were sooo cute!) and you got to see our fridge after all that turkey. We got up and cooked since 11am until everyone arrived at 5pm and it was just in time. We got to experience the joy and work it takes to host thanksgiving for the first time so kudos to those wonderful cooks who do it every year. Its another thing to be thankful for.



EVERSEWN Decorations

Christmas Presents

On the following of my awesome Eversewn machine. I have begun making Christmas presents for my family and my boyfriend’s family now since I plan on flying out again for my Christmas this year. I plan on making another purse for my boyfriend’s sister, a beer caddy for my dad etc. I plan on doing personalization this time around with the machine since it can do the alphabet and maybe some fun stitches as well. And hopefully will start selling my project so look out for those here soon!

Haunted Hayride

My Original plan was to video tape a haunted hayride that we went on but sadly it was not allowed. But I thought it was well put together and the “guide” had a great sense of humor and to top it off it was raining and very muddy, and I was sitting in wet hay the whole time. There was even a set under a covered bridge that had a stage play of “Death” himself with a well monologue with a last-minute jump scare of a man with a white cracked face. Along this ride was including a traditional group of zombies (by traditional I mean fast) who chased after the ride, clowns jumped onto the ride laughing, chainsaw massacres that stuck a obviously blade less chainsaw into the group, cannibal butchers that would smack empty spots on the ride with a mallet, werewolves that jumped in and tried to “eat” you, women beckoning to come play by reaching and grabbing into the ride, a women screaming half in a meat grinder, and a lot of pops of steam. This whole ride allowed the actors to grab your feet if you dangled them off the edge and if you could fit in the spots. But its what I expected. Only downside to this trip was I broke my pinky toe trying to get on the air mattress but it was definitely fun.

Halloween in New York

As you know I went to New York to spend Halloween with my boyfriend. Pictures below are of the front yard all decked out. Including a chibi and sugar skull pumpkin I carved and the painting progress of my costume before I wore it and of course me wearing it next to my boyfriend’s reaper costume. We had a lot of fun taking a stroll around the neighborhood and spooked some pre-teens without even trying.



Update on my trip to New York

Giving you and update on my adventure through the airport. My first plane out of Aberdeen was late die to having to be De-Iced so 20 extra minutes. And not only that but I had a 10 minute gap between landing and boarding of the next plane so luckily it was closer than last time and I didn’t have to run for my life to get across the airport but I still pushed it and arrived in time for final boarding. The airplane was actually rather cool, they call them “Air buses” because they’re newer and much wider planes along with Wi-Fi built in and some cool tech advances, I have actually been on planes that have a screen built in and allow you to play movies or games in flight. I arrived safe and sound and my boyfriend took me by surprise when getting my baggage by giving me a sneak hug from behind. More updates about Halloween coming next time.

Packing Tips

As you know I am leaving for New York! So upon packing, I thought I would share some of my own packing tips.
First making sure you have enough clothes for your trip but pack a few extra if possible since you never know what might happen. I strongly recommend rolling your clothes it definitely saves on space and you can pack more or leave room for any knick knacks you may bring home.
Another is utilize your space, using your shoes for example for an extra space for a sock roll. When packing shampoo and conditioner or body wash use only a small squeezable bottle they save time and space. When packing a razor put a binder clip over it, keeps the blades sharp and me and likely to cut yourself when moving it. I personally like using a shower cap for dirty shoes, I will wear them and then put the cap on.
When I travel I always wear comfy clothing, usually leggings a sweater without a zipper and my tennis shoes. It’s so much easier to not wear any jewelry and because you don’t have pockets you are less likely to be patted down because of the scanner. And when on the plane use ear buds to block out noise and catch some Zs.

Soon I'll Be in New York!

I have some big events coming up and one of them that I am so excited about is a visit to New York to visit my boyfriend whom I havn’t seen since August. I have been planning to go on this trip for about a month now, it takes that long to plan since I have to put in my request at work for the dates. Needless to say it is for Halloween and worth it to dress up to answer the door. I have a costume planned, I bought this really cool shirt from Walmart that has a skeleton of the shoulder down to the pelvis and it glows in the dark so I figured im going to complete the rest and bought black arm sleeve and leggings that im going to paint neon green skeleton limbs and outline them with glow in the dark paint and then top it off with some creative face paint. My dad’s birthday is also coming up and does work at the college as a handy man, tell him happy birthday on Friday!

Puppy Halloween

This is one of our dogs named Uno. As you can see Uno has a stripped sweater and a little black hate and looking devilishly handsome 😉 but it has the funniest story behind it. My older sister Nikole went into Walmart to get some flea shampoo and medicine which as we all know is by all the pet stuff and me, patiently waiting in the car for what I thought would be maybe a ten-minute wait. However, about twenty-five minutes later I hear the car unlock. My sister stands there and pokes her head in with a guilty smile and goes “I…made a mistake” and proceeds to hand me a bag of not only flea shampoo and medicine but a ton of dog costumes complete with hats and low and behold this lovely aftermath photos.

This is Tula our newest addition to the family, who looks so…amused? That she’s a candy corn doggy witch?

Here’s Tula and Uno with their sweaters.


These beauties being restored belong in my sister and I’s house. The one on the far left is what they looked like before I took my “never dull” to them and buffed out the time and the paint. The one the far right is the nearly completed restored plate. It was a shame to see these painted over and forgotten all over the house, theses only belong to my bedroom doors right now and the door knobs have been done as well. I have even gotten one of the doors locking mechanisms fixed and working with the use of a lucky skeleton key that happened to fit from my collection.

This is what the original door knobs look like. There is quite a differences from the current look, not to mention that they have been painted over.

Here are the door knobs and what they look like after they have been polished and looking gorgeous.

These are the mechanisms that were in the door. The one with its case open is the one that I got working again and the white is the what the outside looks like. They had been painted over so many times that the paint had to be shaved away in order for the bolt to come back out.

The Hues of the Season

Below is a poem I wrote as fall begins to show signs of the season. This poem is in my own style, if there is one, it was simply because I looked outside.

The Hues of the Season

As a warming chill drifts across we begin to change

Our tenants begin to move on and true colors shift

They float when the breeze visits and fall

How they so love the hues of yellow, green and red

I become emptier, become more weightless as time passes

Pretty soon I will be bare and waiting anew.

Quilting Class

Recently I took a beginner quilting class. We were making a table runner; the pictures are of the runner halfway completed.

This is the sewing machine a co-worker graciously let me use to sew, clearly its janome and it wonderful compared to my 23 years old sewing machine.

These are my choices of fabric for my runner, i got compliments right off the bat in coordination for colors.

Here is the runner after we sewed all the pieces together to make the blocks. They have been ironed and getting ready to be sewn together.

The fabrics I chose were Tula pink’s birds and the bees (dark purple), a teal batik, and a dark fuchsia called dimple.

And finally, after it was sewn together and pressed! Isn’t it beautiful?


New York Vacation

I traveled to New York during the end of august as a last vacation before school started and to visit by boyfriend.

This Delicious Burger is served at Bill Greys which we don’t have here in south Dakota but it was AMAZING.

The Following Photos are from the Seneca Park Zoo

This is a tank from the Body, Mind and Float Center. The tank is filled with sea salt and water and the ratio of the salt is so dense that you float. You can stay in the tank for the full 90 minutes, which I did, and probably fall sleep.

This is the Pier.

Review of the new "IT" movie

I will tell I’m not a fan of horror movies but I remember watching this movie when I was young, not 27 years ago young but when I was a kid so I didn’t think it would be scary. My sister and I also watched the original by Stephen King the night before we planned to go see the new version as well so we could compare. First thing, it was awesome that they released the new version 27 years after the original it totally gave it a whole new meaning to the release. Not only was it a remake but it was a “stick to the story” release. I want to say the best thing about this movie was that it did in fact follow the original very well, it was almost the same just with a few added pieces but it was still really close from the storm drain to seeing the pennywise was definitely not any sort of a human form. I’m anxious to see if they will make a second with the teens returning as adults like the original since they didn’t kill pennywise the first time. Now let’s talk about the characters, their looks were still fairly the same with some changes for instance in the original bill was blonde and in the remake, he had black hair but that was as much changes that were present was some traits but I think they were just going with kids in the right age and of course the best fit for the part. Other than that, I was impressed with the selection. And finally, the murderous clown known as pennywise, now I’m not hitting on Bill Skarsgard for his acting because he played the part well but for me when I know what the actor looks like before I see the movie it’s a little different for instance I think bill as a little more feminine features and he’s attractive sure but seeing him a horrific clown only made it funny for me to watch. You know when you see a child dressed up for Halloween as something like a dinosaur and he makes a little roar sound trying to be scary but you think it’s so funny because he’s so cute? Well that’s how I felt every time I saw pennywise, yes, I was laughing in a theater watching a horror film of a child murdering clown. Aside from slight variations that didn’t do anything less than improve the story more and more the movie was great and I was impressed with how well and accurate the remake was to the original. I would recommend if you haven’t seen “IT” before, watch the original and then watch the remake it helps greatly.