ABERDEEN, S.D. – The Presentation College Nursing Department will be holding a disaster simulation exercise April 12-14 on campus.


The three-day exercise provides students the opportunity to simulate experiences that relate to public and community health; disaster preparedness, care for vulnerable populations, infectious and communicable disease prevention and care.

According to the Nursing Department the exercise will expose nursing students to different types of healthcare scenarios other than acute patient care.

Students will participate in experiences that simulate a community disaster, care for victims of abuse, trafficking victims, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexual assault, mental illness, infectious disease, bioterrorism, emergency care and basic life support in the community.

The healthcare scenarios are situations nurses may not see in a traditional setting but provide a valuable opportunity for students to learn from and collaborate with community partners.

The community partners include; local police, EMS, representatives from South Dakota Department of Health, Safe Harbor, Worthmore Addiction Services, Presentation College professors, and a sexual assault nurse examiner.


Community partners will also speak to the students about the different roles and functions they can play in public health situations. The students will get an opportunity to discuss and simulate the nurse’s role in collaboration with the entities in provided care to clients in need, either an individual, vulnerable population or community.