by Aleijah Tomlinson

There’s no greater feeling than reaping the benefits of your investment. Let’s look at this hypothetical scenario. You wake up on a Monday and realize you only have twenty dollars in your bank account, and pay day is not until Friday. Unfortunately, you need a few more groceries to get you through the week, so you decide to invest your dollars last into groceries. You’re happy with your decision to buy groceries, so you head over to the nearest grocery store. As you make your way to the check out line you see a mother and her daughter upset about their card being declined. You then offer to help and decide to give up your last twenty dollars and make an investment into someone else’s happiness. Of course that feels great, but now you have no way to pay for your groceries. However, what you didn’t notice was the supervisor saw the deed that you had done, and decided to pay for your food on the company’s tab. You simply taking your time to invest in someone else not only helped to benefit them, but it helped to benefit you and others around you.

How does this scenario find relevance at Presentation College? Imagine being in a new culture and/or community, and seeing nothing but simple kindness and gestures being invested in others. Fortunately for me, that was my Presentation College experience as a student. Being from California, I knew nothing but what was presented to me, and I had no Idea what to expect when I came to rural South Dakota. Everyone here at Presentation College made sure to make me feel like every investment (whether it was my time, my kindness, school work, and even my overall decision to physically invest my money) was returned through my experience. It wasn’t people paying for my groceries, but to me as a lonely student from California, it sure felt like it.

If there was a sticker price on things such as smiling, saying hello, asking how someone is doing, or going above and beyond for someone to insure comfortability, then of course more people in the world would think to do that. Here at PC, none of those things translate into money, yet we feel the power and importance of what those simple things can do. How? Because here we built a culture where everyone does that for each other no matter the status of a person, and never expecting anything in return. The experience of kindness and smiles while I was a student here gave me the tools I needed to become the best Admissions Counselor for Presentation College that I could be. Admissions Counselors are the first initial representation of what PC has to offer for future students, and we plant the seed of return on investment to the student. My goal is to show new students what they will get daily if they were to attend here. There is no greater feeling than reaping the benefits of your investment; so please remember to keep sharing a smile, keep your doors open and welcoming, and help students remember why they may have initially chose, and still choose Presentation College.