By Dr. Maggie Huber, President

Warmest Christmas Greetings,

As the snow begins to fall over our lovely campus we look forward to a break from our normal day-to-day activities. This gives us all an opportunity to celebrate, reflect, and look forward to a wonderful new year. We believe there are big things on the horizon for PC in 2018, and as we celebrate this Christmas I hope each of you takes the time to relax, enjoy time with friends and family and most of all, to be thankful.

Presentation College has many things to be thankful for this Christmas Season!

Our Mission is Significant
Let us be thankful for our mission of developing our students as whole persons who will go on to be blessings of goodness in their families and communities.

Our Students Serve
Let us be thankful for our students, as they are the reason we are all here. If we all have a common goal of doing what is best for our current and future students we will be successful.

Our Potential Multiplies
Let us be thankful for the thriving of PC. We have so much more to offer each year! And not just for our students, but for our faculty and staff and community as well.

In this special time of celebration, I give thanks to our Presentation community, and pray that you and your families will experience a Christmas season filled with love and joy. Together with you I look forward to a terrific new year filled with growth and excitement.

Blessings of peace to you and your families this Christmas,

Dr Maggie Huber