By Teresa Levsen-Garofalo, Director of Annual Giving

A career in Advancement/Marketing/Fundraising involves a variety of job duties, and much to my delight, “special events planning” is among them! During the course of each year, I have the opportunity to plan all sorts of different events at PC. My absolute favorite is the Black & White Ball.

Here are the top three reasons this annual event is so important to us.

Scholarship Funds

The primary purpose of a major fundraising gala is, of course, to raise funds! All money raised through the Black & White Ball supports student scholarships. The vast majority of college students require some sort of financial assistance in order to complete their education. The Ball is just one of many ways that we work to secure funding, so that our institution can provide aid to talented and deserving students. Because all of the proceeds from the Ball go directly into the scholarship fund, donations have the potential to change students’ lives, and help them achieve their dreams!

Community Awareness

There’s so much happening at Presentation College, and so many reasons we are #PCProud of what we do! The Ball is a great opportunity for us to invite business leaders, alumni, families and friends of Presentation College to share an evening with us, and learn more about our students and our Mission. A special group of students serve as junior hosts for the evening, escorting guests to their tables and helping out with various other tasks throughout the night. Members of the community can chat with these Student Ambassadors and learn why they chose PC, what their experience is like, and what makes Presentation College unique!

Fellowship and Fun

Here at the College, we have a name for all of our supporters, students, families, friends and alumni… including the Sisters. We call ourselves “Presentation People.” The Ball is one night a year when we get to fill a fancy, beautifully decorated room with hundreds of Presentation People… all of us enjoying delicious food, wonderful music, and conversation with each other. It’s an evening of purpose, yes, absolutely. But it’s also a fantastic, fun experience — truly a night to remember!

When the Black & White Ball first began, the name was selected because the attire was “black tie” for the men, and black or white gowns for the women. But that was 16 years ago, and our event has evolved. Now, guests are encouraged to wear formal or cocktail attire in colors of their choice. We’ve kept the name as a nod to tradition, and we usually add a subtitle to explain our theme. This year, “A Journey Awaits” our guests, and the décor and the food items will relate to a theme of “vintage world travel.” You don’t want to miss it! Come enjoy a journey with us!

The 2018 Black & White Ball will be held at the Dakota Event Center on Saturday, February 24. You can reserve a table or a seat now, by calling 605.229.8434.