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A planned gift can be a deferred gift in which cash or other assets pass to Presentation at a future date or an outright gift to our College of non-cash assets such as real estate. Planned gifts have become an increasingly popular means of effective financial stewardship because they redirect assets that would otherwise have been reduced by taxes. Many of these gifts also provide a lifetime income stream back to the giver, along with income tax, capital gains tax, and estate tax benefits.

Planned giving offers you the opportunity to join your financial goals with your charitable giving. Through planned giving, you can provide for your own and your family’s well-being as well as satisfy your desire to give to Presentation College.

Throughout Presentation’s history, alumni and friends have remembered the college in their estate plans. These gifts have been essential in helping the College provide students an excellent education and sound professional preparation within a Christian atmosphere of self-discipline, responsibility, and character. Presentation College is grateful for the generosity of those who have chosen to support the College through planned gifts.

Memorial Gift

A gift to Presentation College in the name of a loved one is a wonderful way to honor the memory of that special person.

Wills and Bequests

You can use your will or living trust to make an estate gift to Presentation College. A bequest is one of the simplest and most frequently used ways to remember Presentation College. For information on bequest planning, contact Lori Herron at (605) 229-8454.

Wills and Bequests information

Income-Producing Gifts

You may want to make a gift to Presentation College while retaining a source of income for the future. By establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) or a charitable remainder annuity trust, you can assure yourself of a fixed amount of income for the rest of your life. Ultimately, the principal used to generate income through any of these gifts will benefit Presentation College.

Establishing a CGA is a great way to move funds from mature certificates of deposit (CD’s), bonds or appreciated stock into an instrument that will pay you an attractive interest rate with tax benefits.  For more information, please contact the Advancement Department at (605) 229-8454.

Life Insurance

You can donate a paid-up life insurance policy to Presentation College and name the College as the beneficiary. You can donate a new or partially paid insurance policy to Presentation, name the College  as the beneficiary, and continue to pay the premiums.

Real Estate

Real estate that has appreciated in value is an excellent asset to use for charitable planned giving, either as an outright gift or to fund a charitable trust. You may want to consider giving your home, farm, or other land to Presentation College, while retaining the right to live there for all or part of your remaining lifetime.

Retirement Plan Assets

Tax-deferred retirement plans are very attractive assets for charitable giving. These include individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 401(k) accounts, and 403(b) accounts. When assets are passed at death to children or grandchildren, they may be subject to both estate taxes and income taxes at rates exceeding 70 percent. Many Presentation College donors choose to avoid these taxes by directing these retirement assets to the College upon their death by naming the College as the beneficiary of their retirement accounts.

More Information

Presentation College is pleased to provide more information on any of these charitable giving options. Call or write for a detailed, personalized illustration showing the financial and tax aspects of the options available to you. Feel free to call (605) 229-8454 for more information.

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The information on our Web site is not intended as financial or legal advice. Please consult your own qualified advisers as you consider philanthropic gifts.