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Fairmont, Minnesota a surprising community with a diverse and community centered campus. Located in a friendly, safe, and affordable city, Fairmont is an excellent option to help you discover your dreams. Visit us today!

  •  A conveniently located campus with excellent amenities

  •  Affordable housing options in a lakeside community

  •  A strong campus community

Since its inception in 2003, Presentation College-Fairmont Campus has made higher education in a local setting a reality for the residents of Fairmont, Martin County, and southwest Minnesota. Presentation College-Fairmont Campus offers students cutting edge education as well as broad based education which sharpens critical thinking skills and, most importantly, character. Presentation College-Fairmont Campus offers an array of educational programs, including:

Housing for students is not provided on the Fairmont Campus.  However, local landlords do provide some rental properties.  Members of the community who choose to rent to students are placed on the campus housing list, located in Fairmont’s main office, which is updated periodically.  Additional sources of house may be found in the local newspaper or by contacting local realtors.

Contact Information

115 South Park Street, Suite 105
Fairmont, MN 56031
(507) 235-4658