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Dr. Martin Albl

Dr. Martin Albl
Professor, Arts & Sciences
(605) 229-8540 or 1-800-437-6060 ext. 8540

Martin Albl has taught religious studies at Presentation since 1998. His regular courses include an introduction to Christian theology, scriptural studies, Christian ethics, and an overview of world religions. Special courses have included “Women in the Bible,” “Theology of Rock and Roll, Rap, and Reggae,” and “The Art of the Bible and the Bible in Art.”

Dr. Albl’s articles have appeared in The Journal of Biblical Studies and Vigiliae Christianae.  His books include Reason, Faith, Tradition: Explorations in Catholic Theology (Anselm Academic, 2nd. ed.; 2015), Saint Mary’s Press Essential Guide to Biblical Life and Times (St. Mary’s Press, 2009), Ps.-Gregory of Nyssa: Testimonies against the Jews: Translation and Commentary (Society of Biblical Literature, 2004), and “And Scripture Cannot Be Broken”: The Form and Function of the Early Christian Testimonia Collections (Brill, 1999). He is currently working on a commentary on the Letter of James for the École Biblique’s Bible in its Traditions project.