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Presentation College

Dr. Marie Miller

Professor, Arts & Sciences
(605) 229-8457 or 1-800-437-6060 ext. 8457

Dr. Miller is in her 34th year of teaching at Presentation College. In that time, she has taught a wide variety of courses in the sciences and humanities; she is currently teaching communication and mathematics. She is also very involved in curriculum design and faculty governance. As Presentation College’s Faculty Athletics Representative, Dr. Miller tracks student-athlete academic success, certifies student-athlete eligibility to participate in intercollegiate sports programs, and acts as a link between athletic programs and the College’s faculty.

Dr. Miller chairs the Faculty Assembly Welfare Committee and the Arts and Science Core Curriculum Committee, as well as serving as Faculty Assembly Vice-President and Representative to the Presentation College Board of Trustees.

In her time away from the college, Dr. Miller enjoys the company of her husband of 35 years, 3 adult offspring (all PC alumni), and 3 pretty-much perfect grandchildren. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the South Dakota Snow Queen Festival as Coronation Chair; judges many local Snow Queen contests; acts as Challenge A Affiliate Challenge Master for South Dakota Destination Imagination; judges the annual Northeast South Dakota Science Fair; and presents many workshops on public speaking, stage presentation, organizational effectiveness, and inter-gender communication. Her leisure-time activities include family events, travel, gardening, cooking, outdoor activities (warm weather only, please) and reading. She particularly enjoys hosting large family gatherings on major holidays and giving away food.