Meet our Faculty & Staff

Jeff Black
Campus Safety
Phone 605-229-8394
East Suites Main Lobby
Dr. Shelly Brandenburger
Associate Professor
Health and Natural Science
Amber Brockel
Financial Aid
Phone 605-229-8429
Sandy Cahoy
Health & Natural Sciences
Phone 605-229-8459
Office M363
Rebecca Christiansen
Campus Counselor
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8524
Office M234
Krista Christianson
Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8395
Office M232
Hal Clamenson
Farmer (Self Employed)
Aberdeen SD
Sr. Pam Donelan
Executive Director of Mission
Phone 605-229-8401
Office M319
Michael Duch
Schwan Financial Group (Partner)
Aberdeen SD
Dr. Diane Duin
Vice President for Academics
Phone 605-229-8379
Office M355
Sr. Marilyn Dunn
Assistant in Student Affairs and Mission
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8324
Geoff Durst
VP of Finance
Avera St. Luke's Hospital
Michael Ernst
Safety Officer
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8394
East Suites Main Lobby
Amanda Fair
Accounts Payable & Payroll Accountant
Business Office
Phone 605-229-8500
Office M248
Justin Feickert
QQP/Misstates Group (Owner)
Aberdeen SD
Rodney Fouberg, Trusti Emeriti
Dacotah Bank Holding Co. (Chair)
Aberdeen SD
Joanne Freitag
Library Director
Support & Resources
Phone 605-229-8468
Jean Ganje
Student Affairs
Teresa Garofalo
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement
Phone 605-229-8434
Office M309
Marcus Garstecki
Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing
Phone 605-229-8492
Office M370
Sr. Phyllis Gill
Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Aberdeen SD