Meet our Faculty & Staff

Sr. Marilyn Dunn
Assistant in Student Affairs and Mission
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8324
Regina Duval
Student Success Specialist
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8312
Michael Ernst
Safety Officer
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8394
East Suites Main Lobby
Amanda Fair
Accounts Payable & Payroll Accountant
Business Office
Phone 605-229-8500
Office M248
Joanne Freitag
Library Director
Support & Resources
Phone 605-229-8468
Lonna Fulda
Administrative Assistant to Facilities
Student Affairs
Phone 605-229-8470
Office M231
Jean Ganje
Student Affairs
Teresa Garofalo
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement
Phone 605-229-8434
Office M309
Marcus Garstecki
Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing
Phone 605-229-8492
Office M242
Erin Giovannini
Special Assistant for Project Development
Phone 605-22-8349
Office M320
Mary Gjernes
Program Director of Healthcare Administration
Health and Natural Science
Phone 605-229-8544
Office SE108
Rachel Goslinga
Sports Information Director
Phone 605-229-8573
Office Strode Activity Center
Kristi Gruber
Assistant Professor
Social Science and Humanities
Phone 320-808-9256
Stacy Haase
Health & Natural Science Faculty
Phone 507-235-4672
Emily Halfpop
Biology Program Director
Health and Natural Science
Phone 605-229-8388
Office M357
Andy Hansen
Marketing and Advertising Coordinator
Enrollment & Marketing
Phone 605-229-8491
Office M316
Stephanie Hansen
Director of Faculty Development & Education Technology
Support & Resources
Phone 605-229-8389
Office M367
Chelsea Heenan
Fairmont Campus Coordinator Assistant
Phone 507-236-4658
Cory Heidelberger
Support & Resources
Phone 605-229-8493
Office M369
Lindsey Helm
BSN Program Coordinator
Phone 605-229-8484
Office SE101
Jenny Hepper
Nursing Instructor
Phone 605-229-8525
Office SE120