By Chris Huot, Athletic Training Program Director

As we dig ourselves out of the winter months and approach March Madness, it is time to recognize a professional that does not like the attention, the athletic trainer. March is National Athletic Training Month. A time to celebrate all of the hard working men and women who care for the physically active athletes, patients, and clients across the country.

You may have seen them, on TV responding to a motionless athlete on the field; or spoke to them as they cared for your workplace injury; or heard your son or daughter talk about how they diagnosed and cared for their concussion. They are there, whether you are physically active in work or sport, ready to respond to your needs.

The theme for this year’s National Athletic Training Month is “Compassionate Care for All”. A theme that resonates throughout the profession. Having the fortune of working in athletic training programs for over 20 years, I have heard many reasons why students choose to major in Athletic Training. They range from, “I like sports” or “I am fascinated by how the body works” to “I enjoy being a part of a team”, but that reason is quickly followed by, “and I really like helping people”. That ability to be selfless in the care for others is the heart of the athletic training profession. That compassionate care is validated on a daily basis at Presentation College, in the PC Athletic Training Clinic and classrooms across campus.

In the PC Athletic Training Program, the faculty and preceptors work hard to instill the compassionate care value in each student. Athletic training students get to experience it, as the PC faculty and staff invest their time and talents in their learning. Athletic training students get to demonstrate it, during their clinical rotations on and off campus. Most importantly, they carry it forward, as exemplary young professionals as they graduate from Presentation College.

In March, in addition to putting away the snow shovels or finding that Cinderella team in your tournament bracket, take a moment to thank that athletic trainer who helped you. For us, that ‘thank you” means much more than you can imagine.

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